Oftentimes I Accomodate My Employer Too Much

by Anonymous
(Sacramento, California)

Sometimes it gets frustrating when your co-workers cannot do a good job and you have to make sacrifices to accommodate your employer's demands. It drains energy from starting a business of your own.

----- Arturo's Reply to Anonymous -----

The question to ask yourself whenever your energy is at an ebb is "Who cares about me?" Then answer it by saying, "My employer cares completely about me." If this doesn't motivate you to restructure your lifestyle to start looking out for yourself, precious little will.

Most employers pay you an honest wage and owe you nothing more than this, despite what bureaucrats in civil government and ideologues may say. You owe them no less than what that wage is worth in terms of work delivered. Beyond that either you're giving away freebies or the employer is exploiting you.

Whenever the situation crosses any of these 2 borders, you are at a disadvantage as an entrepreneur, because the one demonstrates that you value your work less than the market does, since you're willing to give it away for free with no hope of compensation, while the other shows that you work for a thief.

Instead plan your work and work your plan. You won't reach an objective if you don't manage your time well.

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