No Business Just a Dream

by Darian Brown
(Staten Island, New York)

I do not have a small business but I have a dream of owning a business that is in green/renewable energy. Cleaner energy will save the planet and all life on it. Yet finding a business opportunity like that has proven to be difficult. Also, I want it to be home-based.

I very often signed petitions for clean energy, the protection of animals and to preserve nature. If I had a green business I can triple my effort in saving this planet.

Thank you for time and I hope everyone has a great day and achieve their dreams. Never give up.

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Aug 22, 2017
Your Greenish Trash Is My Green Business
by: Arturo F Munoz

I know of a man who set up a green business. He used to pick up dog poo from his neighbors' back yards to dump it in the dog owners' garbage cans. He claimed to have been making more money per hour than a myriad of office workers do. Why was he making money?

His customers had determined that their time and the hassle of having repeatedly to bend down to pick up their darling pets' disgusting backyard mess was far more valuable than his own. And this made all the difference. This produced the business opportunity that he wanted. How?

The neighbors had something of lesser value to them to trade with than their own time. They had money. And the green business owner had no money, but he had time to trade with.

Darian, what can you eliminate from one neighbor's environment that you can reuse in another one's surroundings to improve the lot for both? If you improve the quality of life for somebody, you are improving the environment in which they exist.

If you wish to be particularly green about it, then concentrate on organic matter rather than, say, digits. But focus on trading what is of lesser value to you for what is of lesser value to others, who find of greater value to themselves that which you disregard for yourself. Get it?

Take roaches, for instance. You might regard them quite lowly. But farm fish, chicken and pet owners regard them highly as feed for their animals. See a condemned property full of creepy crawlers? That's a business opportunity. Why? Even when it seems that nothing is being produced, if your focus lies in enabling someone else to produce something with what seems useless, then you will have a green business.

Make a product out of someone else's scraps. It may start as waste. But if you turn it into something that makes another's life run better -- if it saves someone's resources, especially time and money -- then you have a green business. All it takes is vision and plenty of elbow grease.

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