Need Tips on Trusting Your Own Decisions?

by Sandy
(Tennessee, USA)

What about asking others for opinions on what you're doing, and reading about what others are doing within your niche? While I understand that role models are important, I'm finding that our search for knowledge can actually contribute to procrastination, because what you actually end up doing is stalling.

I find that in my search for knowledge I'm also searching for validation about the "perfect" way to do something when in reality I already know enough and should get started. Whatever I don't know I'll pick up on the way or I will learn from my mistakes.

I can remember once working on a job where my trainer told me, "Just go for it because there is no mistake that cannot be undone." She helped me more than any other trainer that I've ever had.

Can you help with this problem of looking for validation and trying to be perfect an approach to justify procrastinating? Perhaps you can shed some light on this, Arturo.

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Aug 23, 2017
Motivation vs. Prejudice and Getting Rid of Procrastination
by: Arturo F Munoz

Sandy, one of the most significant lessons I ever learned from one of my mentors was to accept that the longer someone has held to a particular belief, the more invested this person is in it. Therefore, it will be very costly for that individual to abandon such an investment for another belief that may conflict with the first.

This is why the main purpose in getting someone started on the path toward productivity and away from procrastination is to reach that person once he has made up his mind to take action and is either merely awaiting for someone to supply a logical reason to justify that new action or is waiting for an opportunity to take said action. That's when you can make a deal with that individual.

But this person must have forsaken an old belief that prejudiced him to a particular way of living in order to gain motivation enough under a new belief to take action toward a new trajectory. This is the key requirement to overcome procrastination. You must change your mind by investing in a new belief.

A constant search for validation is a constant effort at reasuring ourselves that what we've already invested ourselves into believing should not be changed. Until we forsake that investment, we shall continue to procrastinate.

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