My Unemployed Teen Summer Blues. How To End The Frustration?

by Devilboi
(Ontario, Canada)

start your own businessI'm 15 and I live in Ontario. I have been looking for a job all summer and no one seems to be hiring.

I've tried all the job search websites but they don't WORK!

I have gotten only one interview, but the guy didn't hire me because of my having no experience. I have worked at a summer camp for 3 years in order to get service hours. I filmed my high schools improv team and help out locally at my church.

----- Arturo's Reply to Devilboi -----

The first thing to realize is that your situation is not going to improve even after you finish school. Graduation does not guarantee a job.

You have 3 years to prepare to become an adult able to take care of yourself.

How can you do this?

If you have the personal discipline at 15 to listen to the following and follow it, you will not spend another summer unemployed.

You're given 2 ears, 1 mouth to use in that proportion. Listen twice as much as you speak, and concentrate on finding those diamonds in your own backyard.

Think of an internship for high school student and, whether during interviews or in anything else in life, be genuine. Focus on serving. Don't treat those you wish to work for anything like this:

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