My Internet Cafe Pays My Bills After Becoming Unemployed

by Dawid Plaatjies
(South Africa)

I started an Internet cafe after I became unemployed. I started out with only two computers and a printer, and today in 2011 I still got the same equipment. The money that I generate is not so great. But it is good enough to pay off my debts.

----- Arturo's Reply to Dawid -----

Dawid, I think your brief comment is very revealing. Starting a micro enterprise is a way of life in many countries around the world. It's the equivalent of what we call in the United States a "mom and pop shop".

Its main features are that it is independently owned, independently operated, it has few if any employees and it does such a small amount of business that it is not dominant in the market where it operates.

But it gives its owner enough to get by and, often, much more than that – certainly enough to raise a family and live in comfort, if the country where the business operates is a country of freedom.

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