Make Lots Of Money Quick...

By Learning From The Buns Lady

by Arturo F Munoz

What can you do to make lots of money quick?
make lots of money quick eating money The question actually answers itself.

Successful business owners, in a word, DO. They take action. They're enterprising. They don't abstain from pursuing their business ventures.

Take a look at Cordia Harrington. Her childhood resembled living during the Great Depression decades after that sad chapter of history had ended.

Her parents barely survived month to month, always struggling to pay the bills.

Always strapped for money, she lived without luxuries. Her youth wasn't much different. Married with two children she struggled to make ends meet.

She was desperate to find ways to make lots of money quick.

Finally she said to herself,

"Instead of moaning and complaining you have to take that energy, when problems happen, and put it towards taking you to the next level."
What did she do? She became an entrepreneur.

Where did her choice take her with no experience, no support?

Cordia's choice took her along the same path that you should consider following if you wish to make lots of money quick.

Putting herself out on a limb, Cordia invested every cent she had — a whopping $587 — to start a small realty business.

How can you start a real estate business with money enough for only a plywood sign and some rented office space? Here's how: you do just that. You buy yourself the sign and you rent out that space.

Cordia also leased her desk and, having put everything on the line, she determined from then on to implement her ideas on how to make lots of money quick. But where did they take her?

They took her fast to the next stage.

Draw Attention To Make Lots Of Money Quick

With that sign she attracted attention.

She was motivated. She quickly sold 1 house. Encouraged further by this, she picked up the pace until she was selling houses faster than contractors could build them. Then it happened. make lots of money quick money split

Cordia realized that to make lots of money quick she had to eliminate the limits that she set for herself.

So she again took action.

She had put her $587 on the line once. Now that sum had produced enough for her to put more on the line.

This time she grabbed attention by opening a construction company. Then tragedy struck!

Cordia divorced. Her kids needed her and the construction business kept her away too long. She began rethinking her priorities and new ways to make lots of money quick but without surrendering what is more important than money in her life.

What could she do next? Where was she going with all this?

She thought for a time and purchased a McDonald's franchise.

Think of it. From $587 to owning a recognized restaurant is quite a stretch!

She had doubts about herself. But she persevered with creativity. She didn't let ideas remain in abstract. She put them into action. She was a doer!

For example, when traffic wasn't showing up at her franchise, she took out a loan to purchase a Greyhound Bus franchise and planted the bus stop at the corner of her McDonald's parking lot.

"I was proud to say that 88 buses a day would stop there. That helped grow the sales a lot. In the summertime we had over 120 buses a day. Our sales rocketed to one of the top forty in the US. We were so excited."
That's an idea turned to action to make lots of money quick. Are you getting the drift?

It's no surprise that with such a successful venture in her hands, Cordia could afford to buy 2 more successful McDonald's franchises. But her eagerness to implement ideas to make lots of money quick didn't stop here.

How Cordia's World Quickly Changed

She now was involved in different spheres, meeting different kinds of people. She overheard once while at the McDonald's hamburger bun committee that the corporation was opening a contract for a new hamburger bun supplier.

make lots of money cordia harrington She thought that if she could win the contract, it'd be like striking a gold mine.

Of course, by now you must recall that whenever Cordia got involved in launching a new venture to make lots of money quick, she'd have no clue what it'd take to see it all the way through. Running a factory to manufacture burger buns was no exception.

But taking action requires nerve and the remedy for fear is not knowledge but courage.

She plunged right in and then, for the next 4 years, she got deep into the study of bun manufacturing and promoted herself to the McDonald's executives as an alternative hamburger bun supplier. Is that a thrill or what?

"If you have a dream," she said, "You can't wait for people to call you. So I'd visit a mill and send them photos of myself in a baker's hat and jacket, holding a sign that said, 'I want to be your baker.'"
Her persistence paid off, as usual. After more than 30 interviews she managed to convince McDonald's executives that they couldn't live without her.

So in 1996 she repeated her pattern of behavior to make lots of money quick. She put it all on the line again.

Cordia, who had never wore anything but hand-me-downs and whose biggest night out as a child was a seldom visit with her poor family to a local McDonald's for a burger and fries, took out a $13.5 million loan to build The Tennessee Bun Company.

Where Did Her Choice Take Her? Where Can Her Lesson Take You?

The Tennessee Bun Company today supplies buns and English muffins worldwide to McDonald's, Pepperidge Farms and other highly popular food distributors.

Believe it or not, Cordia didn't stop here with her business ventures.

No sooner had she began pumping out buns for McDonald's at a rate of 1,000 per minute than she started a trucking business. She called it Bun Lady Trucking. It supplements her bun baking business.

She later expanded the bakeries' efficiency with a business called Cold Storage of Nashville, and in 2007 she started Cornerstone Baking Company to produce frozen dough for well-known casual dining restaurants.

You want to make lots of money quick, you say? Quick is a relative term. What do you relate it to?

Cordia Harrington's resolve put into action her quick money making ideas to open up a realty office with her meager $587 of life savings. She related her idea to serving the immediate need of each house buyer, and she remained focused on that.

She received the reward of her efforts and plowed it back into a construction business, where she quickly focused on building better quality homes than the contractors she had been selling houses for. She was handsomely rewarded again for that as well.

And what did she do again?

You got it! She kept focusing on taking action serving the immediate needs of her clients and expanding into other areas of need as she saw them arise. This is a habit. You're not born with it. You develop it.

With creative tenacity and a deep seated desire to serve others, she multiplied a mere $587 into several multimillion dollar companies. She made a career of serving others.

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it. If you've awaken now, how about putting some of your own ideas into action to make lots of money quick?

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