Job Search Websites Keep You Unemployed

Try Instead The Remedy Below

by Arturo F Munoz

Job search websites have impressive traffic metrics, especially now that tons of people are unemployed and visiting them.
job search sites don't work
But why don't you ask about their hiring success rates?

Why not ask how likely you are to land a job if you post your resume on a job board today? Might it be because the answer would scare you into total despondency?

Don't feel too bad. Most people don't think about job search sites the way I've just described.

They don't think that job search websites owe them anything closely resembling a job. Heaven forbid!

After all, job boards are letting you post your resume for free in their highly advertised systems, right? What more could you ask for? Isn't it you who owes them something for their good graces?

No, no. You know that's not true. The fact is that you owe yourself something.

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with job search websites.

Don't you think you owe yourself some honesty regarding your likelihood of success in ending your unemployment by visiting these job search websites?

The Truth About Job Search Websites

In the following list of articles, you will see solid reasons why you ought to reconsider the use of job search websites as the starting point to your job hunting.

Far more important than this, you'll learn why it is far better to end unemployment using other more effective techniques, particularly by starting your own micro-business.

job search websites

Why is starting your own business the best alternative above using job search websites?

A job search website will never tell you how many people who use its techniques for getting work actually got work using those techniques, while I can guarantee that, if you start your own business this very instant, you will be employed at it overnight, in a word, instantly! Why?

Starting your own business ends your unemployment because the moment that you start your own business not only do you become occupied building something both practical and unique, but you're also dedicating yourself to a purposeful daily pursuit – one that yields good fruit.

job search websites don't help Isn't that what work is all about?

"But I want some money fast!" I hear you say.

Ah, yes! But, friend, money — or cash – is merely a by-product, albeit an important one, of your work. It isn't work itself!

You want to work first, don't you? Then comes the money, right?

Money comes – and it can come fast – if the business that you build is one that fulfills a crucial need in a niche market now.

That is how employers are able to afford paying you a wage today and still make a profit from week to week, which is the only reason why they'd hire you any way.

Have you ever thought how it is that you probably are producing at least 5 to 10 times your wage's worth for your employer to justify your having been hired?

Have you considered that your unwillingness to study more carefully whatever it is that you do for these employers is keeping you from saying, "Hey, I could be making far more money with my labor, if I knew better how much value I'm truly producing for these employers?"
job search websites fail
This is skill #1 that you learn when you start your own business. You never learn this by running to job search websites.

So, don't miss out on the great opportunity that your unemployment condition affords you either to start your own business or use your business startup to impress a future employer.

Exploit the true worth of your labor by going directly to the market with your own offer of products or services, or learn how better to approach an employer with these same techniques when you are the product that you're promoting.

This is why you need to read the articles below and get smart about not wasting your time with useless job search sites.

Just because someone wins the state lottery, it doesn't mean that you are smart to buy lottery tickets every day. You know the odds of winning are atrocious. Here in California they are 1 in 18 million.

Even if you bought a ticket every day, your chances are disastrous. In fact, your odds of getting cancer from eating a peanut butter sandwich every day are far better (1 in 5,000) as are the odds of dying consumed by a flesh-eating bacteria (1 in 1 million).

In the same way using job search websites on a daily basis to succeed at landing a job is worse than a crap shoot in Las Vegas, since job search websites don't even divulge their service's success rate. But independent observers who have tracked them give evidence of these sites' utterly lousy track record at placing hires.

job search websites fail Don't be fooled any longer. You don't have time to waste when you're unemployed. Therefore, don't let useless tools keep you unemployed longer.

Read up on it below in "The Best Job Search Engines Don't Guarantee You Nail The Job."

Get the truth. Get better tools.

Then get effectively busy using them to get out of unemployment and into work and cash fast!

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