Here's A Job Search For Teenagers Who Really Mean Business

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Age?

by Arturo F Munoz

student summer jobs boredA job search for teenagers is frustrating and you know it.

Aren't you frustrated to be young and inexperienced in a world of working adults?

Looking for a job to have enough cash for the weekend at the mall or for movies with friends is no easy task.

Try finding one to pay for your wheels or to save for college, if that's your thing. It's a bummer.

Where Are Those Teenager Jobs? They've Vanished!

Do you think you'll find one looking for it online? Dream on.

If you need a job and you need it quickly, a job search for teenagers will take you far more effort than you'd ever imagined.

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in looking for a teenager job.

It will take you forever if you do it the way the online job search engines recommend.

And you want results, right? You're not doing this job search for teenagers as a school project. Yuck!

So you want to be modern, of course. You go online. What do you find?

student summer jobs fill big shoesYou find sites that require you to submit a resume.

Honestly, a resume at 16? C'mon! Who do you want to impress?

And that's my point.

Is that what a job search for teenagers is all about?

Is a job search for teenagers all about trying to show off to somebody that you're already an adult with a work history? Have you been alive long enough to build a work history?

Get over it.

The real question is 'Do you really want to do a straight-forward service for somebody and get paid for it?'

I Want More Than A Teen Job. Can You Help?

While you think about that question, let me say that I know the drill.

Working at a fast food joint turning off buzzers or at the amusement parks collecting tickets for every ride doesn’t seem like a very exciting prospect, if you've done it before.

I mean, do you really look forward to advancing from deep frying potatoes to running the cash register? job search for teenagers at McDonald's
Are you looking forward to graduating in summer from the Ferry's Wheel to The Big Dipper roller coaster?

Is that what your best job prospects are between now and age 18?

Don't you feel a little more enterprising than that?

Don't you think you could do a little more with that fresh mind and young body of yours?

Well, the job search for teenagers web sites don't think so. They offer you no better job information than what you already know.

They propose that you might have a chance at landing a gig at Starbuck's. But no guarantees. So what's the point?

Job search web sites for teenagers don't help you find work. But what the job search for teenagers websites do is keep plugging college into you.

They plug going to college by the barrelful, as if a job search for teenagers had only college as its main goal.

Oh man, how wonderful it will be for you there years from now, they say!

You'll sell your soul for a mega loan and get to party hardy for years with your so-adult friends!

Yes! You get to do all that college fun stuff right before you get a useless liberal arts degree that you'll spend the next 20+ years of your existence trying to pay off, while you live back home with mom and dad, because you can't pay for anything else in life with what you'll be making not using that expensive as hell degree of yours!

student summer jobs teen runawaySounds like fun, huh?

Sheesh! May be getting a head start at Starbuck's might not be such a bad idea after all! You'll have seniority. That is, if Starbuck's doesn't go under before you make cashier there.

Let's get serious a minute.

These job search for teenagers sites just give you the same old and ragged advice.

So don't buy into them.

For most of you, the college ideal won't work anymore. I tell you why later below.

For now just ponder the following.

I Want To Do Something A Teenager Rarely Gets To Do!

For the last 10 years or so in the U.S. jobs have gone up by over 10 million new positions.

But at the same time, when it came to teenagers, your employment prospects dropped by more than 1.5 million jobs.

Wanna know why?

Every summer millions of you start doing the job search for teenagers routine. But with so many people out of work, not only are you competing for fewer and fewer teen jobs but you're also competing with adults for these minimum wage jobs.

Who do you think is going to win the coveted low-end position? The teen with the dream to afford the next Eminem/Rihanna concert or the single mom with the 2 kids to feed?

Who will be more convincing to the manager about being a more reliable, mature, dedicated and motivated worker?
student summer jobs teenagers working
Why not get something else of your own going instead? You're young enough.

Why not go where there is much less competition, where you could make better money, where you could develop some skills and experience really worth putting on a resume?

C'mon. You do want to impress somebody, right?

Impress yourself!

Take a chance.

The job search for teenagers can be more like a game than a grind, if you know the new game rules.

So let me give you 5 game rules to help you start thinking immediately out of the box and into a successful job search for teenagers.

These tips are meant to rattle you, so grab on:

Game Rule #1: Be An Entrepreneur

Listen to this video. You've got to change the way that you think about life and work. You got a life ahead of you. But you're getting older not younger with every minute. So the sooner you get your head screwed on right, the sooner you start living it like it has a purpose.

Game Rule #2: Get Knowledge, Not College

Rethink college.

If you're thinking poli sci, psych, econ, lit, minority studies or some other fluffy humanities-like major or if you're going to college to "find yourself", then you're more lost than you've realized! Don't do it!

Do yourself and your family a favor. Get the knowledge that you want mainly outside a college campus and still get an accredited degree, if that's what you want as proof that you're smart.
student summer jobs teens unemployed
But try something like this.

It's cheaper. It's quicker. It's smarter.

And you can even start right now, if you got what it takes.

You see, you ought not go to college to get knowledge.

You ought go to college to get the tools that you need and that you can get nowhere else except at college to do the work that you're meant to do on this earth. You got me?

Let me say it another way.

If you don't know what work you're here on earth to do, then how can you possibly ever know the tools that you need to do it with? How do you know, therefore, that you could only get those tools in college?

Don't mess up on this one. It will cost you dearly.

If you want specific tools that you can't get elsewhere, then go to college. But if you just want knowledge, then go to the library.

If all you want is an experience, then start your own business.

Game Rule #3: Focus On Desperate Needs In Your Local Community

The ice cream man will pack up his van and drive for hours with the "Pop Goes The Weasel" jingle blaring all summer long, because he knows that there is a need — a desperate need in the eyes of sweaty little kids — for icy popsicles in the hot summer days. That's why he makes a killing in nickels and dimes.

Do you have your eyes and ears open to what else is going on around your neighborhood that looks or sounds like a desperate need requiring fulfillment?

Talk about a job search for teenagers bonanza here!

That busy mom down the street can't keep up her yard, have you visited to find out if she wants it cleaned up?
student summer jobs laboring
That bachelor professor neighbor of yours who hasn't had a home-made meal since Cup'O Noodles was invented, have you offered to drop in to cook him a meal at his stove?

That retired couple around the block who can't climb the roof of their pick-up truck to wash it, have you asked if you could do it for them?

That family with the van full of kids, 3 dogs and 2 canaries all wanting to go on vacation, have you told them you'd be happy to watch their property, walk the dogs and feed the birds for them in their absence?

Are you being useful to somebody? Do you care to be useful to anyone? Prove it.

Go study your neighbors to learn what they're in need of. Then meet that need.

Game Rule #4: Spend Your Money In Productive Endeavors

Don't spend your few pennies in useless crap.

Look around your block or neighborhood. There are people there who can become your best clients, if you present yourself like you mean business.

To market yourself that way, you need to spend a little money in marketing and appliances.

Look like you're serious about what you do. Buy yourself some nicely printed business cards and thank-you for being my customer postcards.

You need tools — your own tools for your own business — such as a rake to clear leaves from yards or squeegees to clean windows, or special software to do data entry for people and print out reports for them. And you need to pay for all of that yourself.

It's a good feeling to know that you own property, especially the kind of property that is productive, and that gives you more once you've put it to use.

Game Rule #5: Create Opportunity And Get Good At Exploiting It!

Got an extra iPod? Sell it. But don't rush to squander the cash at the local beauty shop on a more expensive shampoo!

Instead propose to the beautician that for every new customer that you bring her, she should give you a 25% cut from whatever they bought from her.
student summer jobs making money
If she agrees, go print yourself some spruced postcards to handout and generate business for her!

Don’t just walk your block. Expand your work zone, go three, four blocks out. Ask for referrals. Tell friends to recommend you to other friends. Set up a blog wholly dedicated to the work that you're doing. Become an expert at what you do and show that expertise off!

Don't wait for opportunity to come knocking. The job search for teenagers is hard enough and can't wait.

If you mean business, you must build it yourself.

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