I've Resolved To Start My Own Business. Not Even Cancer Can Stop Me.

by Rose Jones
(El Sobrante, California)

I am a long time nurse, and I have 2 other degrees - and I still don't really want to work in a job. I have had cancer, and it has been devastating to my life, as well as my finances, but I don't have it now and I want to go on.
green pig
My goal is to create something every day that adds to my business. Since it is in Internet marketing, then writing one article a day makes sense.

I also am realistically looking at how I can outsource, and how to plan that out with my limited budget, which is already strained.

Getting a business plan together is important to me as I want to take this really to the next level in the next year.

Honestly, because of my health if for no other reason, I must not have to rely on others for my funds. It is time for the system to change here, and I with my Spirit's help do need to do the changing.

----- Arturo's Reply to Rose -----

It is said that a country preacher was once speaking to a congregation of farmers on a bright Sunday morning, and most of them were asleep or falling asleep. Noticing this, the preacher said:

"And to illustrate my point, let me tell you a story. On my way here today I passed a farmer's ranch and spotted a sow with a litter of green pigs. I stopped and had to ask that farmer how this could be so.

"The farmer told me, 'You know, reverend, I can't explain it myself. All I can tell you is that this sow always gives birth to green pigs before they turn to normal color after a while.'"

At this point the preacher stopped and, looking around the room, he saw every man totally awake, staring at him with anticipation.

"My point is," he continued, "that while I was telling you the truth of life a while back, most of you were asleep. But now that I'm telling you an outright falsehood, you can't wait to hear the rest of this lie! Such is the heart of man. It's more open to lies and nonsense than to the truth."

A diet of lies can make a mind as sick as a diet of junk food makes the body sick. There are many lies about starting a business, Rose. It is encouraging to see that you've not bought into some of them.

Despite your fight against cancer and its ravaging effects, you're still courageous in taking on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Bravo! You're working on a plan and executing on it. Again bravo!

Creating something new every day for your business is part of the recipe for success, particularly as a writer. Write every day. Remember what Charles Dickens said,

"I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time."

But although you may not wish to rely for funds on someone else, you will need to rely on others to achieve your goals. Being that it is for health reasons that you wish not to rely on others for funds, then you will have to become particularly adroit at selling, Rose.

Most people don't like selling, especially in person. They don't like to pressure people. But selling can be done in various ways, especially in writing. I recommend you read anything by the old masters John Caples, Rosser Reeves and V.O. Schwab and apply them to your Internet marketing business.

If you do not possess these selling skills, you will find that starting and growing a business will be too difficult to accomplish, especially in days of economic stagnation such as these we're living.

During recessionary and financially challenging times your selling skills are beyond crucial. They're indispensable to survival and thriving in all economic distress.

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Dec 11, 2011
Thanks so much for your words!
by: Rose Jones

Thanks you so, so, much for the boost! I have never received a response from a businessman that was so genuine and supportive.

I will develop my selling skills more, and will read the authors that you have suggested. I will reframe it as bringing the services that people need rather than selling.

It is particularly amazing to me, as I am starting to read Dickens for the first time! Right now I am reading "David Copperfield" and am going to read "A Christmas Carol" as well as visit the play with my family hopefully. I hope to tie it in with my business, as one site I am writing is about Victorian Christmas.

I am so impressed that Dickens was able to give us so much: wise social comment that created change; memorable characters that we will not forget. Arturo, you may not know that he worked hard in a sweat shop as a child, and it is one of the things that made him care so about the welfare of others.

I am so encouraged by your advice, and I promise to continue in spite of my fear. I do know that I will strive to bring more "punctuality, order and diligence" to my efforts, and just let the chips fall where they may.

I have a feeling it is going to be a good place, and I promise also to honor mankind with my wealth. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Dec 13, 2011
Lighting a candle...
by: Arturo F Munoz

I'm most encouraged by your words, Rose. I'm with Winston Churchill when he says "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it." An information business such as Starting Your Own Business Overnight.com is meant to be here for that very purpose. I'm happy to learn that you've benefited from your visit to my site.

Indeed Dickens is a wonderful source of inspiration and a compassionate writer. I'm fond of one remark that he made in the second book of his series "Little Dorrit", where he says:

"But recollect from this time that all good things perverted to evil purposes, are worse than those which are naturally bad."

Dickens was a critic of the nascent tendencies in social Darwinism of his days, where plutocrats had abdicated their responsibility for the welfare and safety of workers and displaced farmers during the Industrial Revolution, and a bureaucracy got in the way of justice, thereby dividing the people into conflicting classes that could not carry out a healthy discourse with one another. This contributed to deadly class warfare the following century. He understood that good government and socially responsible industry can be perverted to evil purposes.

I'm sure as you read Dickens you will find many parallels with the economic situation that many people are experiencing today, 150 years since he published his novels.

Do persist in your endeavors to launch your Web site and sell your information products, Rose. There are many steps to launching an effective site and relying not only on the right tool set but a strong community of online business people can be invaluable. I recommend you visit this place to consider one such alternative.

Make this Christmas and the next an unforgettable experience for you and your customers!

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