If Only I Could Figure Out The Entrepreneurial Process

by Anonymous
(Sacramento, California)

I am still in the process of figuring out how to most effectively combine my talents. Having liberty to fulfill my vocational purpose in life is what drives my desire to own my own business.

----- Arturo's Reply to Anonymous -----

entrepreneurial process confused
The desire for freedom is one of the most lasting and perhaps, next to life itself, the strongest sensation that can motivate anyone to action. But freedom is not without constraints.

To make sense, freedom must in fact be confined to a definition. It isn't whatever we want it to be. That's anarchy.

Freedom therefore is that vast space in which we can do only what is good. There is no limit to doing what is good, though good is constrained by the knowledge that it won't do what is bad. Consequently, just as a fish cannot be free outside the water but can wander freely across the seas, or a bird is not free underwater but can travel freely across the skies, so can man be free only within a universe that is morally constrained.

The way C.S. Lewis put it, Man "can regard the moral law as an illusion, and so cut himself off from the common ground of humanity." And that would be a reflection of Man's own oddity since, first, "human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and cannot really get rid of it. Secondly, that they do not in fact behave in that way."

Man is inconsistent. So the enjoyment of freedom is inconsistent, given that Man consistently breaks the moral law. And "Whenever you find a man who says he doesn't believe in a real Right and Wrong, you will find the same man going back on this a moment later. He may break his promise to you, but if you try breaking one to him he will be complaining 'It's not fair' before you can say Jack Robinson."

That you want liberty to fulfill your vocational purpose in life is an honorable stance to take. But to ensure this liberty works for you, you must engage in doing only what is right as your vocation for life. If you can combine your vocation or calling with your entrepreneurial way of making a living, you will have found a balance in life only extremely few people reach.

You would have found a very precious pearl indeed, and you would have also figured out the entrepreneurial process in the bargain.

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