I Got Customers To Trust Me, But How Can I Get Them To Be Loyal

by Cheflady
(Danbury, CT, USA)

customer repeat business growthI agree with most of what the others wrote...text is fine except for video illustrations. We are at different place in our start-ups so it's only fair to include all the help you can provide.

As for me, I once had a business years ago decorating weddings and parties with elaborate balloon sculptures, which I closed due to extenuating personal circumstances. There were satisfied customers but the business struggled.

I am comfortable with the sales process...sitting with the customer and understanding what they need. I am confident about the product. What I need is to know how I can reach and have a continuous or repeat flow of customers...though I can only offer service to a few at a time now, since I cook for them.

However, I imagine in my mind a day when I can either evolve this business or have something related on the side, which will generate funds for me without my having to go out and cook meals. It would probably be food related and/or Internet driven. It hasn't taken shape in my mind yet.

And, yes, I am unemployed now and a month away from urgency...so generating funds overnight would be a PRIORITY for me.

Thank you again, Arturo, for caring to help us through this free course.

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