How Window Cleaning Got Me Out Of Unemployment

by Christopher

window cleaner unemployedI'd been unemployed for the last 4 yrs so I started my own window cleaning business in Sept 2012, and just how I'd seen in this website is how I did it...

And yes I'm making money. I even have weekly & monthly clients now.

  1. The tools I got FREE from people. They cost me nothing. So ask friends & family.

  2. And I then went to small mom & pop stores my 1st & 2nd week, every day from 9 am to 5 pm like a regular job.

  3. I heard NO lots, that's to be expected. I would get a yes 1 in 7 stores, and I averaged $50 or more a day, depending on weather conditions.

  4. Then I started going to franchise stores the 3rd week. Now I got Citgo's, Marathons, 7/11's & CricKet stores. And them are bi-weekly accounts. The smaller mom & pop store accounts are monthly. That OK because you'll keep building your client list each day.
I average adding 1 to 3 new accounts each day for the next month.

Now I have business cards. Nothing fancy though free from only $4.99 S&H. So on bad weather weekdays I go card passing. I go store to store. I talk to the owners and go back next day if they say 'Yes'.

And that's how I did it. :-)

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