How To Trigger The Interest Of Those You Want As Customers Of Your Small Business

by Arturo F Munoz
(San Francisco Bay Area, California)

customer desire out of orderWe tend to sleep walk through life.

This is most prevalent when we are under stress. According to observations made by behaviorists at the University of Minho in Portugal, compulsive behavior results from increasing demands that tax our attention.

We have a tendency to become repetitive in our actions without becoming aware of it when we become overwhelmed.

To cope with this, we attempt to eliminate new items from our area of focus. We unthinkingly stick to habitual tasks, concentrating only on the things that we are confident that we understand after much rote and repetition.

Think of it as a mental shutdown. You're at a party. People and noise are everywhere. You can't make sense of it all. But your mind will filter out all noise and visuals to focus on the one person that you do want to speak with.

Another case might involve dealing with rush hour traffic. A study from MIT indicated that 90% of people who participated in an experiment in which they were tracked by a global positioning system follow daily traffic patterns so entrenched that a computer could predict their next move.

Despite typical grocery stores stocking tens of thousands of products, most shoppers buy the same 150 items each week. What do you know? Humans are predictably repetitive.

All these people filter out all new information that seems routine. They respond only to the unusual and unexpected because it doesn't seem to belong to the background noise that engulfs them.

Until then, they overlook the obvious, sleepwalking past new opportunities.

How Do I Get Through To My Future Customers?

But there is a way to trigger a reaction from a sleep walker. This knowledge is particularly useful if you're considering to start a small business to exploit a new business opportunity. You will need to acquire customers and people with heavily taxed attention spans.

We become receptive to new information when we have a stake in a game and need new knowledge, even reminders, to win that game.

For instance, momentous events in life, such as marriage or childbirth, getting your driver's license or graduating from school, getting fired, giving a speech, throwing a party, starting a business, etc. offer you a chance to influence somebody to move in the direction that you'd like to propose to them.

Imagine if that chance involved you making a proposition to host the marriage ceremony for the loving couple, or organizing the baby shower for the new mommy, or financing the business for the aspiring entrepreneur.

By breaking with the pattern of routine and appearing as a striking novelty at a time of unusual activity in the life of those who you want to engage with, you get to make an impact and stand above the noise to become visible to them as potential clients.

So, never forget as you look to exploit a business opportunity that, to rouse a compulsive sleep walker from slumber and not become background noise, you need to trigger interest right at that point of need, when the individual feels most vulnerable and needs a guiding hand to win in the game of life.

The higher the stakes, the more willing to listen this person will be.

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