How To Start A Business Where I Can Make A Difference Helping People?

by Yoshio Cisneros
(Southern California)

I want to help others as an entrepreneur...

I want to help others as an entrepreneur...

First of all, I want to thank you for providing this space and encouraging all of us to become financially independent and stop playing the rat race.

Lately, I have been seriously thinking about starting my own business and being my own boss but I'm deeply afraid.

I am about to turn 30, I have a 5 year old son. I have a stable job with a Fortune 500 company but I am really unhappy with it. I feel I can do more.

I want to do something to help people. I want to feel that I've made a positive difference in their lives while having financial independence and being able to provide for my family.

Fear of failing and not being able to offer bare necessities to my child is unbearable to me. I guess I need that extra push from someone who has made it.

I have no idea where to start or what to do...I'm completely lost.

I am in need of direction, guidance and ideas.
Most of the people I know are like zombies and they always conform to the way it has always been.

Any advice, suggestions, knowledge or tips would be extremely appreciated.

Once again, thank you.

Pura Vida!

P.S. I've completed your 12-step Anti-Procrastination e-course and hopefully I'm at the beginning of a better, brighter future!

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Jan 20, 2011
Your Experience Matters Lots
by: Arturo F Munoz

Hello, Yoshio! I'm honored that you've taken time to write. I understand very well where you're at and the experience that you're sharing.

You're thinking correctly. Be assured of this, because you likely won't receive much applause from anyone around you until they see evidence of the kind of success that THEY would want for themselves, rather than what YOU would be content with having achieved.

We must not measure ourselves by our own standards. But this does not necessarily mean that we must measure ourselves by the standard of others who cannot walk 2 steps in our shoes. As I'm both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, I fully appreciate the path that you'd like to take, and I'd be happy to guide you in a much as I can.

Let me start with a few comments.

You said that you're about to turn 30. You have a 5 year-old son. This is precious and your timing couldn't be better. You're both young and you have the most powerful of motives to achieve your objectives -- a child to watch grow in health and comfort. Many in your place lack motivation or skill or experience. Clearly you lack none of this. Do not underrate this strength in you.

You said also that you have a stable Fortune 500 company job. Though you're unhappy with it -- and I've been right where you're at; believe you me! -- you're doing far better than many in these perilous economic times. You can use this to your advantage to launch your own business! I'll share with you in my next post 5 steps on how to do this.

Your search for significance to help others and feel that you have made a positive difference in their lives can and should rightly be expected to couple with your being able to have financial independence from a situation such as the one that you now face as a wage slave. So always remember that the better you serve your neighbor the more secure you will be in providing for your family.

Your fear of failing and not being able to offer bare necessities to your child is totally understandable. But there is a remedy to fear: courage. Your courage comes from a certainty that you must gain out of a conviction that you shall do what is right and be rewarded for it. Nothing else will do. You won't take the appropriate kind of risk to launch a venture that you can handle otherwise.

This site that I've set up with my relatives, all of them entrepreneurs in their own right, I've meant to help champions like you. We understand the struggle with self-doubt, ignorance, fear and criticism that plagues the communities to which we all belong.

Well intended people and even those we so very much love share in this fear and doubt. Seldom do they know also how to help us. As you very well put it, they can be like zombies, always conforming to the way it has always been. That may be comforting but indubitably leads everyone to the same destination, where many of us don't wish to end up.

So, I'm happy to give you the advice that you've asked for, and make it practical.

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