How Teaching My Language Around The World Ended Unemployment For Me

by Mark

Unemployed does not mean useless

Unemployed does not mean useless

I spent my years after leaving school unemployed. Then I began to teach my way around the world. Where? How about Europe and Asia? I taught English in Spain, Turkey and Portugal. I did so also in India, China, Taiwan and Japan.

Although I liked a job that I had, I decided to work for myself, because independence and the possibility of earning more money were highly attractive to me. So I became an entrepreneur.

My first attempt at business was setting up a copywriting company in London. It failed completely for many reasons. But my second attempt at business was setting up a chain of language schools with partners in Northern Taiwan. This worked quite well.

I used to employ around 20 people as my staff. The schools were reasonably successful, although this didn't really satisfy me. So I sold my share. This is the kind of flexibility that you gain as a business owner. You can exit and re-enter better than before, using the capital that you've accumulated through your diligent work.

My third and current venture is an attempt at building an online language instruction business. I'm still in the early stages of this. But I already own a website – It is 1 year old and concentrates on addressing the many opportunities for teaching English in all corners of the world.

I used all my previous experience teaching while unemployed, traveling in Europe and Asia and failing at copywriting while succeeding at setting language schools in Taiwan to provide a service for those who want to know (what else?) what I already know only too well:

  • What does it actually involve to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad?

  • What are the correct kinds of TEFL certification?

  • What are teaching situations like in different parts of the world?

  • How do you find good English teaching jobs there?

I have another site planned for later this year, because one success builds on another.

Having an online business will, if all works out, give me the complete independence that I want. I will have the ability to live anywhere in the world and to enjoy writing. So using what I had already available to me helped.

Having an offline business was fun. I enjoyed meeting many people. But I don't really miss searching for and renting facilities, or hiring staff and training and managing employees.

Instead I have enjoyed building my online business and showing people the best way to learn about teaching ESL around the world. This has been my way of exploiting a variety of small business opportunities even though I started after leaving university just unemployed a while back.

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