How Can I Make A Bold Decision To Start My Own Business?

by Philip Ofori Boateng
(Kumasi, Ghana)

I've written a book. I want to publish it. But I'm finding it difficult to raise the initial capital for publication.

How can I be bold and find the funding to start my own publication business?

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Jan 14, 2011
When It Comes To Writers, Marketing Is The Key
by: Arturo F Munoz

Philip, thank you for submitting your question. Here is a bit of help for you.

Boldness comes from doing swiftly what you're confident about. Confidence comes from trusting what is reliable. Here is a reliable bit of information regarding publishing a book: the hardest part is publishing a book is marketing it.

Ask yourself, "How am I going to persuade readers that they should buy my book?"

Consider that most likely they have never heard of either you or your book, right? Why should they pay for what they don't know?

Unless you can find yourself a publisher willing to fund you, your best option is to consider self-publishing.

Convert your book to .pdf format and work with a print-on-demand vendor, who can put a cover on it, print it, take orders for you, ship it to buyers and pay you a royalty from the sales.

I'm not necessarily recommending the following vendors, but this gives you an idea of what print-on-demand can do for you.

Above all, however, remember that having a book and a way to deliver it to your potential readers is not sufficient to go into business as an author. You must know how to market your book.

Who are you writing this book for?

Come up with the top 3 most important reasons why they should feel compelled to buy your book. This way you can write ads to entice them to make a purchase.

How will you advertise to them?

Marketing should be your biggest expense -- possibly nearly half of your sales revenue should go to marketing. So to convince someone to fund you, you need to make sure that you will earn far more than this expense.

Read as much as you can on copywriting and self-publishing as you can on the Web. This is crucial for your success.

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