How Can I Get Funded To Launch My Business?

by Philip Ofori Boateng
(Kumasi, Ghana)

Getting entrepreneur financing is always difficult, especially if you're just entering the market.

Entrepreneurs may have a good business plan and all other ingredients needed to launch a venture. But lacking the one thing called finance can make the business plan just a mere piece of paper.

With financing, however, the key to business success seems within reach.

I have written a book for over 4 years. But because of a lack of financing it has gone nowhere. So the most practical information that I need in a startup guide is business financing.

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Jan 20, 2011
Getting Financing Is All About Marketing
by: Arturo F Munoz

Philip, you've touched on a delicate topic regarding starting your own business. Let me encourage you to recognize that what seems obvious seldom is so.

It may seem obvious that only with money can you start a business. But this is not quite true. This is like saying that only with money can you work. Yet you've said that you've spent 4 years working on a book for no pay.

Clearly we need to define our terms very precisely to understand what in fact we're trying to say with our words.

When most people say that they want financing to start a business, what they mean is that they want somebody else to cover the risk of their potential failure. There is nothing appetizing about that. That explains why it is hard to find people to fund a startup.

However, if an entrepreneur spent far more effort building a sound and colorful case that showed how very probable his business is to be profitable, then there would be a line of people willing to put a stake in the game.

Let me put it to you another way.

How many people -- desperately poor people -- spend the last few pennies that they have each week buying government lottery tickets in the hope of becoming rich, when in fact their odds of winning are incredibly minuscule?

Their number is legion!

How can they part with their little money so readily?

It's marketing. The government bureaucrats in all these countries hire professional marketers to craft a neat picture of the dream of riches for the very poor. They present a promise of wealth within reach. The dreamer only has to buy 1 ticket to partake of that dream.

The poor skips buying some necessity, like food, to buy instead a piece of a dream.

People buy what they want, not what they need.

If this is what the very poor would do when led to believe that their dreams can come true, what will the rich do for a similar dream?

We all dream different dreams, Philip. But we all dream.

So you've written a book. Are you selling tickets? What dream are you crafting for the publishers? What dream are you crafting for the readers?

You want financing? Learn to market dreams.

In my startup guide I will show you this.

For now, since you've been repeatedly asking, here's help to self-publish your book, by launching your own store front where to sell it.

Keep 3 things in mind:

1) If you have no cash and 30 days to learn the basics, then visit

2) If you have little cash (about $30) and lots of time to learn how to use free software (Wordpress), then visit

3) If you have a bit more cash (about $300) and no time to learn software (SBI), then visit

Most of the information that you need is available free online. But it will take you MONTHS to organize it into something useful.

Save time; thus, I strongly recommend Options 1 and 3 for you above. For about $25 per month you can change your life and be in business in a few days.

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