Give Us A Step-by-Step Micro-Business Startup Guide

by Yosh
(Irvine, California)

1. What do you NOT want included in the Quick Startup Guide?

I think I just want the context to be straight-forward and to the point. I don’t like a lot of nonsense or running around just to make a simple point.

So far this online anti-procrastination e-book is great and I love it! I think if you follow the same format as here, your guide will also be an excellent help to all of us.

2. How do you prefer to consume this information that we aim to share with you?

If there are no graphics to show, then text is fine. But if there are steps that need to be followed, like maybe on a computer program, then it would help to show exactly what is going on in a video or just provide images to be able to follow all the steps accurately.

I don’t really like audio tracks. I prefer text. I always prefer text, since I can print it out and take anywhere I go, and I read a little if I have some time available.

3. What are the most important topics that you'd like us to elaborate on for you? Are you concerned mainly with finances or marketing? Is it product development or sales? Is it operations and management or business planning?

Since I do not have any experience starting a business, I think all of those topics are very important to me and likely also to most of the people starting a business. I think all of those play a major role, and learning about every one of them and how they play into a business will make us successful. So, please include all of them.

4. How green are you at entrepreneurship? How much hand-holding would you like to receive?

I'm completely 100% beginner at this. Neither my family nor anyone I know has ever owned a business, so I don’t have anyone to look up to. I would say that step-by-step hand-holding is the way to go for me. I could probably do without it, except that it would definitely make it easier for me if we got a step-by-step beginner’s guide.

I would like to conclude by thanking all of you who make this site possible to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us.

Pura Vida!

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