Former President to College Students: "You're Screwed..."

by Arturo F Munoz
(San Francisco Bay Area, California)

college dropouts turn entrepreneursWhen it came to the state of the economy, the head of ClickFuel and former president of, Steve Pogorzelski, unceremoniously said to University of Wisconsin-Madison students:

"You guys are screwed. And there's nothing that's going to change in the next few years."

How's that for some honest words from someone who should know better than anybody how job search websites don't work!

He presided over a company that is a failed tool at helping people get work, then tells graduates to hope for the day when baby boomers retire, so there may be room for new entrants into the marketplace.
"They'll retire, and you're going to really inherit it."

How do you like them apples? Are you going to wait?

If you do, where are you going to get the skills that you need to be worthy of this "inheritance"?

He doesn't answer that. But you know that you need experience to step into the shoes of a retiring boomer, who has spent over 40 years employed and likely can't retire until age 75 given this bad economy. That's easily 10 years from now.

Again, are you going to wait?

So one good advise from Pogorselski: start your own business, because it is not a bad time to do so.
"There's less competition and lower expectations...You don't learn from your success. You learn from your mistakes."

So until you can prove otherwise, consider your college years a failure. Start your own business and don't wait for boomers to retire.

If they were in your shoes, do you think that they would have waited for you?

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