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Thousands Can't Afford To Be Unemployed After Graduation – But, They Never Discover This Unique Way to Get Hired On The Spot!

by Arturo F Muñoz

Jobs for graduates are more than scarce today. Paid internships and entry level employment are enormously competitive. There is a huge pool of unemployed candidates to choose from. Employers are having their pick of the barrel.
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In this stagnant economy employers are picking people with experience for the few jobs available. Are you likely to be one of them? How bad is it for someone like you out there right now?

Experienced workers are taking pay cuts. They prefer a smaller pay check that will fling them back into the job market fast than a long bout with unemployment.

They know about the 99ers. That's that sad and disreputable crowd of former employees who, after being 99 weeks without work, have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions. These 99ers are part of an underclass today - the long-term unemployed who cannot get rehired. Why?

"Must be currently employed, "No unemployed applicants will be considered," "Must have been employed within the last 6 months."

How's that for a barrier to re-entry?

Some hiring managers establish this barrier when they begin to think that the best people in the market are already employed while only "problem people" are unemployed and looking for work.

Brutal, I know. Senseless.

How brutal? How senseless? Check this out.

But would you want to be stigmatized this way if you either lost your job or couldn't find another one for several months? What if you just graduated from school or maybe you're about to graduate? You don't even have a track record to speak of! You're looking for entry level employment. What if you can't find it fast?

Still it's a whole new world out there right now. Competition for jobs is at an all time high. Experienced workers are willing to return to a more junior position than end up a 99er. They're fearing such losses as letting their skills atrophy, or becoming cut off from their professional contacts or having to consume their nest eggs out of existence. Fear abounds.

  • Experienced workers today will settle for anything. This is changing the face of entry level employment.

  • They'll settle for your job because, unlike their younger counterparts, these experienced worker have more obligations than you - a mortgage, medical bills, kids in school.

  • They are aggressive job-seekers, a formidable contender for the younger and inexperienced graduate.

  • So, if you haven't yet experienced the frustration of being told to apply for an entry level job that requires no experience only to wait for weeks or maybe even months to be told that someone else with a few years of "relevant" experience got hired instead of you, then you haven't been talking to your friends lately.

    This is the new reality of entry level employment today.

    With fewer entry level jobs available and far more aggressive competition from people who at one time would never have considered taking a step down their career ladder to land or keep a job like the one you'd like, the game rules for your job hunt have dramatically changed and not for just a moment.

    This is the long-run for you, and perhaps TODAY is the only chance in a long, long time that you'll get to jump from school straight to the work of your dreams without having to take a long detour down the road of disappointment.

    It's a new playing field out there today, where old entry level job search techniques don't work anymore. But that's where you get an advantage, if you read on.

    Are You Settling for Entry Level Employment
    When You Have So Much More To Offer?

    Whether it's college graduate jobs or high school graduate jobs that we talk about, when it comes to today's entry level employment the situation is all the same. It sucks. Take college graduate jobs for instance.
    entry level job search
    When people who would have been retiring at 65 choose to stay in the job market for another 10 years because their retirement portfolio got creamed into butter in the 2008 financial meltdown, then no new job openings show up for their underlings.

    That means that no new entry level employment becomes available to you.

    Oh, of course, there is the ever present chance at working for somebody as an intern for free or, worse, for doggie treats. (That's when they pay you with crumbs but feel entitled to order you to sit, come, go and roll over.) But would you like to go through an intern's entry level employment experience that I knew, who for 3 years would not be converted to a full-time employee but, as soon as she left in dismay, the department head approved the full-time position when they realized how useful her work had really become?

    C'mon. You're much better than that.

    Yes, I know you need to pay your dues. We all do. I did. We need to start somewhere and starting at the bottom is not all that bad, so long as you start at the bottom of your choice. But with a glut of school graduates out there chasing the same entry level employment that you're aiming for, what do you think are your chances of success?

    Plus, after you get that job – if you even get called for an interview – are you really going to love that entry level opportunity? Can you even afford to ask yourself that question?

    If you hate it, there's a thousand hungry new grads who'd snatch your entry level employment slot from you in a heartbeat like ravening wolves.

    With a ton of student debt on your shoulders and little if any serious work experience behind you, would you then be willing to pass up any doggie treat? Probably not. Welcome to the bottom of the wage slave barrel for as long as you can bear it.

    Look, there's a better way worthy of you.

    "I Lost My Inexperience...And Became
    An Expert In My Field Too!"

    Let me tell you briefly about a friend of mine. He came from India with a degree to work in Canada. He was an intelligent, shy, single young man at the bottom of the wage slave barrel when I first met him.

    Today he has been VP at a world-recognized bank and serves as a senior consultant for a Fortune 10 company, traveling back and forth across the continent doing what he loves. He owns a charming house, has 3 lovely children and the beautiful wife he always wanted. But when I first met him he was nowhere near this.

    He also wasn't willing to get fat on doggie treats. He was one of my first hires and I took a liking to him because of his no-nonsense way about him. I brought him in for only a few days – a week, in fact – but his can-do attitude and ingenuity won me over and I kept him for the next 4 years, fine-tuning him to excellence. When he left my side he was a confident, proven professional.
    entry level employment bride
    But it all started with that first interview that we had. I didn't know it at the time, but this one interview was his entry level employment opportunity.

    • He wanted to start working in the USA.

    • He wanted an opportunity at a major American corporation.

    • He wanted to stretch out his wings and put to practice what he had learned in India after many years of tortuous college and much sacrifice.

    Until then he had worked only in retail doing stuff entirely unrelated to his educational training. He was hungry for a chance at something BIG. All the more important, he wanted to hit it big FAST because he was interested in getting the girl of his dreams.

    This graduate did one thing right in that interview and I want to share that information with you. It has to do with questions that he asked, questions that you can ask yourself that will get you exactly what they got him: the work that he wanted and the future that he had envisioned! He got his entry level job on the spot.

    He got his first break at serious money. He got his chance at a top career. And so can you!

    A Little Mistake That Kills Your Career Before You Even Take Your Graduation Gown Off...

    So much career advice out there for students is a regurgitation of entry level employment tactics that worked back when the Rubik's Cube was challenging and the Atari Game Console was the coolest game in town. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then just know that they're as old as the first Tron movie back when Ronald Reagan was president. And that was a different world, a different economy now long gone.

    Many of today's experts in the career counseling field were coming out of school in those days. Too many learned to skin a cat one way only and it stuck. The resume. The thousand-and-one canned answers for the interview. The thank-you letter. The follow-up call. Heck! It's all the same all the time, except for the results.

    The results are simply not there anymore. If these folks were teaching you how to run a business, you'd be bankrupted!

    But as an entrepreneur I must say that, despite my respect for this career counseling profession as a whole, often too many of these advisors, especially the ones who work like bureaucrats at university campuses, have failed to see the situation of the new graduate from both sides of the desk in the 21st-Century.

    They insist in you adopting entry level employment tools that were once sharp, but which everybody else now employs and have made blunt and useless. There's nothing unique about their approach. There's nothing new. What's worse, they're now saying that if their tactics don't work for you, then the problem is not with the tactics but with YOU!

    Throw your school's career advisor out the window to save your career!

    entry level employment blues
    It is just as important today as ever for you to start your career at the right place, doing what you're good at, and not be seen as having been unemployable for a long time after graduation. So, don't blow your future on advice from the past. That's all that you get from the typical entry level job search guides.

    Don't settle for entry level employment coaching that focuses mainly on the process of researching your fields of interest and that tries to match them with your skills to set up informational interviews with people who don't care to know you, but that you ultimately must target for some specific job position that might meet your needs.

    That kind of entry level employment counseling doesn't empower you to become active in what you really need, which is actual, fulfilling entry level work that you can do RIGHT NOW, not 6 months, 12 months or 18 months from now!!

    Have You Done EVERYTHING You Must Do To Get The Work That You REALLY Want?

    As a studious individual in search of entry level employment no doubt you've already done your due diligence seeking for career advice, preparing your resume, learning the drill for the interview and all the protocol for follow-ups and handling of the entry level employment offer. So, why are you still unemployed? Or, if you're working, why are you collecting dust, employed where you'd rather not be?

    Clearly you're missing something crucial. But what is it?
    entry level employment idea ticket

    I can tell you. You're missing the key ingredient to making your search for entry level employment a bang-up job!

    It's a unique secret that only experienced professionals possess.

    You can't get it if all you do is work for a state institution all your life, getting your ticket punched, or in the human resources department of a large, God-forsaken corporation like so many career advisors do.

    This is a skill that only highly competitive consultants, expert freelancers and successful entrepreneurs – you know, people you don't EVER call "unemployed" – know and practice to get precisely the kind of work that they want and for the pay that they're worth year after year. And the secret to this skill is within your reach right now!

    With this entry level employment knowledge that I can give you, you'll be able to:

    • Strut your stuff, knowing you've not wasted those many years and dollars of learning that you spent in school

    • Put your strongest skills to use in gainful entry level employment, rather than let them continue to atrophy wherever you're now stranded

    • Get the kind of money that empowers you to do what you want

    • Get respect and the markers of an adult life, exploiting your growth potential and demonstrating that you've been judicious in the choices that you've made for your future

    • Keep the collections agency at bay and your bank account full, with your career running forward

    That's the kind of entry level employment that my enterprising, easy and fun to use technique can help you achieve. And you can see results not in 6 months or 12 months or 18 months but in less than 12 weeks! No bull. No rambling. Just the bottom line, like a good businessman should give it.

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    • How to behave like someone who cannot be told "We can't hire you"...[Page 14]

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    There's one thing that you're sure NOT to get from my new e-book. Yes, it dodges a rehash of whatever you can get from any other career guidance book out in the market tackling entry level employment. But what you will NOT get in my book is a lot of verbose handholding. We got no time for that.

    You need entry level work and I'm a busy professional. I want to give you the most important and valuable essentials in this 50+ page guide.

    Yes, there are plenty of illustrations. Yes, it is clearly written and to the point. But if you're looking for a thousand explanations of the obvious and for a statistical elaboration on why today's labor market is what it is, then you'll have to look elsewhere.

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    This guide has only one purpose – to help get you work as if you were playing the entrepreneur looking for a client.

    Will it answer all your entry level employment and career questions? No.

    Will it tell you who you should work for? No.

    Will it show you how to use job search websites better. Not on your life!

    But it will guide you in a direct, pithy and practical way, as a good mentor would, in the steps necessary to perform your work search quickly, dynamically and effectively just as an entrepreneur. It's worked for me and it can work for you.

    finally love your work postit Who am I? I'm an independent strategist and intrapreneurship practitioner with 20 years of successful business experience in integrating the techniques of risk-taking, innovation, reward and motivation proper to entrepreneurship in large enterprises.

    I'm also a business owner, expert in business process management consulting, marketing automation and process optimization strategy, who has worked with small operations across a wide range of industries and Fortune 500 companies.

    I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for instilling the young with the entrepreneurial spirit, especially recent graduates who so very much need it to gain a foothold on success, because I remember my days soon after graduation and how I longed for someone to guide me in securing entry level employment.

    Let me show you how to tell your story and position yourself in a competitive market, and do it like an entrepreneur to get the entry level employment that you so badly want!

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    entry level employment Arturo signature

    Arturo F. Muñoz, Editor
    Starting Your Own Business Overnight.com

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