How To Earn Quick Money Anywhere, Anytime And Always

...By Marketing For Others

by Arturo F Munoz

People with money will pay you. You will earn quick money. And all you need to do is put to practice one vital ability. This is the ability of making people look good. By that I mean all you need to do is make someone who has something to offer stand head and shoulders above competitors.
earn money quick marketing

This is the main value that marketing delivers. If you know marketing - even if it's just a little - and you know people who have no clue how to promote the benefit that comes from dealing with them, then you'll always have work. You'll always earn quick money anywhere, anytime.


When you practice effective marketing for others, you produce results for them that they only can dream of. You become a Godsend. This paves your way to earn quick money. Just imagine a simple case.

Some people have put a great deal of effort creating a product or thinking through the steps needed to deliver a service for someone else. Their skill is in making this product or service work. Seldom are the inventors also capable of explaining why anyone should care about this product or service. All that these people know is that what they have worked on so hard will work. They know how to defend against criticism and doubt. And that's what they're prepared to do.

But this is not how the ultimate buyer of such a product or service thinks. They're not interested in criticizing something they've yet to become interested about. In fact, such a person could care less about someone else's innovation, unless it fulfilled some deep felt desires that no one else has yet been able to satisfy. Your job, if you wish to earn quick money, is to be the one individual who makes that argument of satisfaction on behalf of the innovator.

If you can be convincing about the satisfaction awaiting the one who would benefit from the purchase, then you're going to make some money and fast!

To earn quick money from someone who wants to make money, there is no better way than to become that person's promoter.

Earn Quick Money Marketing For Others In 5 Steps

The art and science of marketing is a broad and deep discipline that takes years to develop and refine. But very few people know even its most fundamental principles. So a little reading on the subject from the likes of David Ogilvy, Victor O. Schwab, John Caples, Jay Abrahams will garner you enormous advantage over those who know next to nothing about how to promote anything.

In the words of first-rate copywriter Bob Bly, with a few hours of effort in reading the expert guidance of others you will migrate from unconscious incompetence in marketing to conscious incompetence, which is a time when you'd know that any marketing you did wouldn't work because you'd not know what you were doing.

However, by continuing to read expert advice, applying your new knowledge toward helping others open to your assistance, you will move in as little as 500 hours of practice (3 to 6 months) into a position of conscious competence. This is a time when you'd know from book knowledge that you'd be doing the right thing, while still taking it slow to think your way through the experience, as expert decisions have yet to come naturally to you.

At this point, nevertheless, you are indeed ready to earn quick money making others shine. Your skills will be honed enough to propose effective ways to make quick money in exchange for a share of the results.

What 5 steps could you follow to position yourself as a ready helper to earn money quick marketing for other?
  1. Never Fake Enthusiasm - Choose wisely what you will promote. Does it stimulate you to speak truthfully and intently about it to someone who will benefit from its adoption? Be genuine and embrace only what you can justly represent for the good of its creator and future users or owners.

  2. Keep Your Focus On The Buyer - Whatever you'll be promoting is something meant to satisfy the desires of the one who will pay for it. Never take your eyes off of the person who will benefit most from the transaction, and this should always be the customer. Show your genuine care for the product or service creator by caring most for this person's customers.

  3. Listen To Client Feedback - No matter how thrilled you may become about what you wish to promote for somebody, never permit this excitement to cloud your understanding of both the producer and the consumer. You must listen carefully to what each of them finds to be valuable. Your best marketing will come from being able to express your understanding of these values and explaining how both individuals can lock in on them.

  4. Don't Leave Finality To The Winds - A good promoter after observing, presenting, listening and explaining will always ask for the sale. Leave nothing to chance. The work is never done until the prospective customer says either yes or no to your offer. Don't hope for a response. Get one, one way or another.

  5. Pace Yourself - If fools rush in where angels fear to tread, then naive promoters sprint where demolition engineers crawl on their knees. Don't step on a land mine just because you're in a hurry to earn money quick. Marketing is a legitimate job. It takes tact, trial and error and attention to detail to have people willingly and agreeably part with their money. Haste makes waste. So slow down and paradoxically you'll earn money quick.

The secret to earning money quick is not difficult to discover. It involves thinking of your neighbor before thinking of yourself and making this a practice so regular that they'd be looking for you always to gain from your devotion to their success. This is what great marketers have always known about the marketing profession and the money there is to be earned quickly from this practice well done.

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