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Procrastination Is A Wrong Choice

"Do or do not. There is no try." – Yoda

Does it really take a fictional character to tell you plainly as an adult that results come only from taking decisive action?
do or do not
How about a couple of scientists?

"There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back." – Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

Active thinking can lead to passive behavior unless you choose to take action, and delaying this choice is the heart of procrastination.

Daydreamers don't end up as founders of successful companies.

Choosing to take action is not a lot of work. You do it all the time. You get up in the morning by choice. You shower. You eat. You stroll out the door. Making choices is no big deal.

But some choices we want to avoid. We claim not to have the time to make decisions. But...

"It is an undoubted truth, that the less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in." – Earl of Chesterfield

Enough With The Quotes! Why Do We Procrastinate?

Now you've heard from an earl. We take lots of precious time to make a handful of decisions that we'd rather avoid. Why? Because making a decision takes so little time to do! That's called a paradox. It's all very human.

So making decisions takes lots of time but little work to do. Why? Simply put by scholar C. Northcote Parkinson, it is because "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

So you can't escape it.

Procrastination is that malignant bloating that occurs when you engage in excuse-making work just to fill up time.

You engage in excuse making once you decide that you don't want to decide to do what you know you can and must do quickly.

stop making excuses
However, I must credit your for one thing:

You punctured this swelling of procrastination to get to the information in this resource that you're now reading.

You know there are few limits to what you can envision in life and countless ways that you can deal with all kinds of problems.

But if you don't act upon your plans, your strategies won't be rooted in reality. Like a mirage in the desert, you will go thirsty chasing after imaginary oases.

So you chose to satisfy your thirst by deciding to get the information that I'm about to give you, despite procrastination pervading every aspect of our lives, despite our having mastered it to perfection, embracing its subtle form from childhood.

We delayed falling asleep because our parents wouldn't tuck us in. We've postponed performing our duties at home, in school, in the work place, and in our most fragile human relationships. We all know what that means and shudder to think what the final tally of lost hours and benefits will be because we habitually procrastinated.

But your choice to read the following series of suggestions to help you overcome your procrastination in starting your own business already shows that you can master the antidote to procrastination. I applaud you. There is hope for you!

Just in time too! Procrastination is an expensive habit.

One way that you will learn not to procrastinate is to figure out the dollar amount of something that you didn't do because you put off doing it. Time is not always money. But it is valuable. And one way to measure value is with money. But that's just one way.

money down the drain These tips and ideas that I'm about to share with you are applicable to every segment of your daily life, whether they involve money or not. So they will help you more than just in starting your own business. They will help you start many more things.

Avoiding procrastination is more effective when you start with little steps. So you don't drastically have to change your life. But you will see dramatic results after sticking consistently with just a few of these guidelines that I'll give you.

You will see yourself starting your own business and benefiting from entering into that new adventure.

We will start with determining clear cut, well defined goals. That means each goal is quantifiable.

For example, saying "I will lose weight" is NOT clear and precise. Saying "I will lose 35 pounds by decreasing 200 calories from my daily dietary intake and by burning an additional 200 calories with aerobics per day to produce a daily 400-calorie deficit for 56 days in a row" is a very concrete objective and will get you to your 35-lbs goal in less than 10 weeks.

But before discussing goals, let's discuss the top 3 most effective ways to stop procrastinating.

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Enjoy the course!

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