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Your Startup Guide: Make It Truly Yours!

Conclusion: A Week Well Spent Doesn't End Here!

Throughout this week we've discussed 12 guidelines that put an end to your procrastination in starting your own business. make money quickIf you follow them, you will soon see evidence of entrepreneurship in your life.

But there is more to do than overcome procrastination.

To launch a business quickly requires understanding a basic methodology that is more likely to help you build success upon success rather than only learn from one failure to the next.

There is nothing wrong with learning from failure. It is just so much better to learn from somebody else's mistakes, so that you don't repeat those same mistakes.

It has been our sincere desire to show you how capable of starting a project and seeing it to completion you really are.

Many, many people yearn to be business owners but just leave it at that. They wish upon a star and faithfully postpone and postpone taking any action.

But you didn't do that.

So, again, if there is something you've demonstrated to yourself this week it is that, by becoming an alumni of this e-course on ending procrastination, you are not a procrastinator.

Persistence applied through diligent work will build your business.

But We Want To Offer You Far More Than Encouragement

Of course, there is much more than strength of character that goes into the applied discipline of starting your own business. Character, however, is foundational. Without it you're sunk before you even leave port.

This is why we've made character the core lesson in this e-course.

Nevertheless, we want to guide you in an exceptionally practical way down the path of greater success. As our site indicates, we want to help you start your business practically overnight.
starting your own business
For this you need access to valuable resources that can show you in a hands-on style how to spot opportunities, how to exploit them and what mistakes to avoid in starting your own business.

But of greater importance, we want to show you the type of opportunities that you might consider exploring if you're very needy for cash and wish to make some money quick as an early foundation for starting your own business fast! After all, as Clement Stone said, "So many fail because they don't get started – they don't go. They don't overcome inertia. They don't begin."

So we want to help you break inertia. And this help from us is particularly critical to you if you're unemployed, underemployed or just plain sick and tired of your 9-to-5 job and believe yourself ready now for a radical change.

This is precisely the reason why we're going to be doing 2 things now for you:
  1. First, we're incrementally going to be providing at our site quick money venture models for you to consider leveraging, if you want some proven micro-businesses to try out as honest ways to make quick money.

    Although our inventory of venture models is right now a bit light, please give us a bit of time. These ventures take weeks to research and package as thoroughly as we do to offer them to you exclusively at this site free of charge.

  2. Next, we're going to move you into a new experience of business development this very moment.
We're going to show you exactly what it takes to get a business going, using our own business case as an example. In other words, we're going to practice with you what we preach to you and, like every competent and confident teacher, we're going to expect you to go forth and do likewise.


7 Steps to Launch Your Own Micro-Business in 24 Days With Less Than $200 To End Your Unemployment Now!

Yes, we have 7 steps that we'd like to walk you through in 4 weeks to have you start a new business on a shoestring budget to put an end to your days of unemployment. If my father, my brother, my son and I have done it, so can you!

But you know what?

For us to publish this 7-step quick startup guide without your input is presumption.
starting a small business
And what is presumption?

Presumption is a supposition that we form before examination.

In other words, how do we know that you actually have any interest in this quick startup guide that we are preparing for you right now? We need to examine your thoughts.

For us to have a bold and daring confidence in the goodness of your heart alone and a belief that you will respond supportingly to embrace this new product from us is nothing but an act of presumption on our part.

Only one thing can keep it from being so:
If we can manifest to you some work that conforms to our profession of how dedicated to your well-being we really are, then you may come to believe our claims. We won't be presuming on you then.
So now, can you see how critical this involvement from our customers in our process of serving them is to the success of our business venture? Can you likewise see how the same will apply to you in whatever business you start yourself?

This is a most valuable business lesson. So never forget it!

In the words of one of my most significant mentors, Peter F. Drucker, "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer." A business, therefore, is easily defined. It is the customer plain and simple.

No business exists without its customers. So here we've illustrated the point by showing you that Starting Your Own Business Overnight (SYOBO) can't exist without you. Likewise, no business of yours can exist without your customers.

The significance of customer involvement as we close this e-course is that you must search for the interests of your customers as the single most important purpose in building your business from the start, and you must remain concentrated entirely on what is crucial to them for as long as it is within your power to meet their needs.

Listening With Both Ears

In conclusion, I'd like to share that as a marketing analyst, who has done market research for large and small companies over many years, and as a trained practitioners, who has used many sophisticated market analysis techniques and tools to escavate and pull jewels out of much market data for many of my clients, I've done a great deal of what's called secondary research in my days.

But nothing beats what's called primary research. That's what you do when you talk directly to your customers and get the most valuable information straight from the source – straight from the jewels themselves.
how to make money quick
So my family and I have done a great deal of secondary research to find you and invite you to our site. But now we'd like to ask you to help us help you, by sharing with us your most pressing needs regarding how to start your own businesses fast.

We believe that, if you've reached this point in your interaction with us, where you've devoted nearly 2 hours in the last 5 days to working with us to prove to yourself that you are no procrastinator but rather an entrepreneur at heart, then you form part of an elite group of people who we'd like to help further do business with.

Consequently, if you agree with us on our view of you, then we have the following request to make of you as we wrap up this e-course:
  1. We would like to learn from you what you do not want included in the quick startup guide, since we want to present to you a practical quick guide to starting your business right away – one that strikes a melodious chord in you. So what would make you balk? What will turn you off? What sour note can we avoid? Could you please tell us?

  2. How do you prefer to consume the useful information that we aim to share with you? Is it text, video, audio that attracts you most?

  3. What are the most important topics that you'd like us to elaborate on for you? Are you concerned mainly with finances or marketing? Is it product development or sales? Is it operations and management or business planning?

  4. How green are you at entrepreneurship? How much hand-holding would you like to receive? We're happy to guide you. Just tell us how much!

To help us help you, please answer any or all of these 4 questions by using the form below or comment on the contributions that other participants make. We will be processing this information continuously to prepare a solution for you that meets your demands spot on. We will keep you abreast of our progress and alert you to the availability of this solution only too soon.

Thank you so very much for your involvement in our venture, inasmuch as we are devoted to helping you kick-start your own turnkey operation that can burst through your current financial condition and into a whole new future for yourself and yours.

With our help we believe you will have a smoother path to follow toward economic and meaningful success.


Arturo F. Muñoz
SYOBO Founder

What Is The Most Practical Information That You Need In A Startup Guide?

When it comes to starting your own business with lightning speed there are several factors to consider. We know what they are.

But what makes sharing them with you of any significance is whether you will believe that you can put them into use. This depends on your current needs and expectations.

Can you please share with us briefly what your entrepreneurial requirements or expectations are today?

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