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Testing Your Resolve As A Doer

Guideline # 12: Measure The Right Results To Stay On Course. But Make Adjustments As You Go!

road to emerald city No one says starting your own business isn't scary. There have been documented accounts of people turning into mush after a launch.

No sooner has the venture taken off, they fall into self-doubt and a few are unable to come out of it fast enough to keep the fledging enterprise from crashing.

But if you procrastinate because you're worried about the aftermath, then you'll only be doing your prospective customers and relatives a disservice.

Talk to a business advisor when you have full rein of your emotions.

Yes, honesty is still the best policy but this is where you'll have to optimize on your entrepreneurial skills. Choose your words, and dwell on the positive about your venture. Rely on your strengths and convictions.

Convince the advisor that your idea can better off somebody in the market. Offer to remain open to insights about how this idea could be improved. Take all constructive criticism with a dose of gratitude. The advisor's goal is to help you succeed by showing you where to optimize your limited resources.

So be prepared to share not only your vision for the business but the more mundane details of how you're daily going about servicing your client base.

Show how you're tracking your progress. Explain why you've chosen to measure your advance using some milestones and not others. Stipulate how you're prioritizing your objectives.

Give your reasons for changing the order of your objectives on a given occasion, or else share any confusion that you have about having to reorganize your priorities.

Again, don't delay in speaking with an advisor if you need to reevaluate the direction of your business this early on.

When To Talk To An Advisor

The time to modify the width of an angle is at its vertex and not miles later, when the distance between the two stretching lines is likewise miles from where you wanted them to be.

Be aware that even successful entrepreneurs procrastinate. They do it because they're overwhelmed by the enormity of what they're facing. To stop procrastinating does not mean miraculously changing your life overnight, or suddenly switching from one profession to another.

There are reasons why you chose the kind of work that you do, the friends that you have, the diet that you keep, the type of clothes that you wear. There are reasons why you lead the life you lead.

If you are like most people, you don't want an entirely different life abruptly pressed upon you, even if you're the one doing the pressuring. You want to be able to control your circumstance and handle the change.

So bear in mind that the more you delay making the necessary adjustments to bring about the type of life that you'd like to have, the more abrupt the adjustment will have to be later on when you've run out of time.
business advisor
It won't matter that you still desire to have the life that you always dreamed of having.

Will you have the chance, the energy or the will power to do what is then needed to get what you've wanted always?

Many people have been known to suddenly wake up one day and decide they want out.

They walk away from a 20-year marriage. They break a childhood friendship. They quit their careers. They disengage from lifelong commitments. They decide it is better to walk away from a situation that is generating more anxiety to them than they can handle.

These situations seldom develop in an instant. They're long in brewing. They simmer until all the liquid is evaporated and all that is left is a highly concentrated dose of bitterness and stress.

If you wish to deal with your stress more effectively, you'll have to reprioritize your life. It's called making sacrifices. You give up something good for something better.

You have to reprioritize for several reasons. One is that you will need a reservoir of strength to confront stress. If you're spread out too thinly and wholly spent out, you're going nowhere but down.

But make a decision today to give up something good for something better. Make a sacrifice. You'll have some energy remaining for other challenges that come your way when you start your own business.

For instance, if you volunteer 3 times a week at a children's museum, how about diminishing the frequency to once a week to start your own business?

In fact, how about you leverage what you already do, which is good, to produce an even greater reward for those that you want to benefit more, which is better?

In the case of the children's museum example, what if the time that you spent working in starting your own business you decided to apply to creating a new service for the families that visit the museum?

May be you could create an information product to sell. May be you could organize a for-profit event as a joint venture project with the museum. Go for low hanging fruit. Don't try to reinvent the wheel or boil the ocean. Just get moving!

The Best Way To Start Your Own Business, If Your Ideas Well Has Run Dry

Volunteering is a terrific way to discern the pressing needs in your local community and to discover people with your same interests, who might become members of your startup team.

As a volunteer in all kinds of projects and organizations, you will come face to face with more potential customers than you'd care to shake a stick at! This is time well spent doing first-hand research about your target market rather than perusing the Internet or any books in a public library.

There are tens of thousands of opportunities to volunteer for. Pick one!
  • Worked with strayed animals? You'll discover the pressing needs of pet owners.

  • Worked with a Big Brother/Big Sister program? You'll discover the pressing needs of single-parent homes.

  • Worked teaching English as a second language? You'll discover the pressing needs of the immigrant community.

Find your future customers by volunteering in your community. But don't let volunteer work sink you. Keep it in perspective. Learn to sacrifice. Learn to leverage.

Keep on course but fine-tune your trajectory without delays.

Starting your own business begins now. It's something that you can do overnight, because you can stop procrastinating before sun up tomorrow morning. That kick starts your potential. That launches your future.
Choose to act now! Revolutionize your economic future immediately! Start your own business today!

Become dependable straight away to someone for a service that they need, and they will pay you to keep providing it time and again.

Trust your instinct and follow the guidelines that you've received this week and you will be far beyond the throng of people who bemoan their circumstance, blame others for their conditions and procrastinate their way into stable mediocrity.

Why won't you do it?

Don't answer that. You don't have to, because you've already taken the first step by reading this guide. So that kind of figuring out is now behind you.

Rather take the next step. But take it now! For you know well that procrastination is the thief of time. Don't find yourself a year from now wishing you had started your own business today!

Tomorrow we shall conclude with an outline of next steps that you can take to pick up momentum in the process of starting your own business overnight.

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