Procrastination Moves Aside For Your Startup To Take Off

Testing Your Resolve As A Doer

Guideline # 11: Let Impulse Start Your Business Overnight!

catapult You have the trajectory figured out but...

"...I want to think things a bit more. I don't want to hurt myself or my family."

How many times have you heard yourself say something like this before?

You don't want to be impulsive, you say. So you take no risks.

The problem is, you're the problem.

Admit it. Your risk aversion has been with you for a long time.

You've craved for freedom frequently, but you still can't get to tell a stranger that you believe that they have a need which you can fulfill.

You still haven't formulated a list of benefits that you can make available to someone really desperate for them.

So stop pretending that you need to think things through.

No matter how you analyze it, it all boils down to the same thing:

Time moves forward and so should you!

Here are examples of what your procrastination at this stage takes from you:
  • You deprive yourself of the information that you need to concentrate on more intimate aspects of your potential customer's situation.

  • You deprive yourself of the opportunity to meet other people who seek for what you have to offer and with whom you can have a meaningful commercial relationship.

  • You deprive your family of the truth concerning how serious you really are about starting your own business.

  • You deprive yourself and your relatives of the chance to find financial independence and security by creating a new source of revenue.

Just muster up the courage and say it:

"I don't want to take a journey to explore a new way of making a living by serving the needs of someone that I wish to care about in the market."

If you say this to yourself, you will know why you don't want to take risks. You will know why as of yet you've not started your own business.

Risks Are Not Problems

A risk is a step of exploration that you take toward an anticipated though not guaranteed end. Risk-taking is a journey to explore a way of doing something different than the norm.

This is why you can mitigate risks. It's possible to plan to take the road less traveled. But you can also take one that has been proven reliable to reach the destination that you have always had in mind.

Do not take gambles. Gambles are unmitigated risks. They're road trips without a map. If you gamble, you're trail blazing blindfolded, just going on instinct. Don't do that. You'll end up in a ditch or worse, down a cliff!

Explore. Discover. Ascertain. Then establish your claim. Apply yourself suddenly to the goal at hand. And keep running in the direction of your proven success. It's not an all or nothing proposition. So don't waste time excusing your fear.

Get started on your journey by knowing two points:
  1. Where it is you're starting from

  2. Where it is you're destined to end

How you get to that end is the thrill of running your business. Get the journey started NOW!

Take on risk intelligently!

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