Procrastination Moves Aside For Your Startup To Take Off

Testing Your Resolve As A Doer

Guideline # 10: Do First What You Hate Most, To Test Next What You Might Like Best!

actions not words There are certain aspects of our jobs that we don't like. But you need not let these unpleasant tasks derail you.

If you make it a daily habit to tackle them first, they become easier for you to do and won't be as unpleasant.

In the last few days you've learned how to save yourself precious minutes by not procrastinating.

You can afford to take your time now doing unpleasant tasks first. Just don't dwell on how unpalatable they are. Instead be steadfast at getting them done. They will develop character in you so you can mentor others.

Mentoring is one of the more valuable contributions you can make to a business and it is the unspoken hero of successful entrepreneurship. Its positive effects must never be underestimated. Many successful human beings had a mentor or several mentors at different stages of life, who encouraged them to advance in their business or careers.

But anything carried out to excess has a negative effect.

Follow A Leader's Example...Launch A Venture!

If you think you have a sacred duty to mentor your subordinates because you want to develop their potential for advancement, then do so. Just don't do it to excess or else someone above you will begin to think, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

Apply the brakes on your predilection for over-mentoring, since the purpose behind teaching is to share your knowledge and expertise with someone who is interested in learning from you.

And if you're going to become an entrepreneur, then it is time for you to stop teaching while you find yourself a mentor to guide you through the steps of launching your new business.

So now you need to connect with experienced entrepreneurs.

But will it look like this?

"Where are you off too?"

"To my networking club," you say.

"But that's where you were all afternoon yesterday!"

"Well," you answer, "I belong to another networking club. It's called diversifying your contacts, my dear. I got to expand my contacts list. I can't start my own business, otherwise."

So, go ahead and network, if you must. But if you can't start your own business, then don't go crying to your networking buddies. They're not in the business of starting your business.

You certainly don't need stale ideas from stale business books. So certainly invest time upgrading your skills and expanding your knowledge base to launch your new business.

Go ahead and listen to your mentors. Learn a new language. Add to your repertoire of software. Take skill-enhancing courses offered by your local continuing education providers. Don't procrastinate, since you'll never know when your business will require your use of these abilities.

But don't settle on just getting more and more information whether via a mentor or a school program, only to fool yourself into believing that you're practicing entrepreneurial skills. Take the plunge. Take the first step and test a product on an audience that you've researched for a while.

Do it on a weekend. Do it on a holiday. Do it on your own time. But find out through trial and error if you truly have come to understand your prospect's needs and whether you have a solid business case to work out.

Remember that action kills procrastination. So take action as an entrepreneur and launch an entrepreneurial venture, even if it's short-lived. Get your feet wet!

You'll soon realize that the best is yet to come after you get what you hate doing the most out of the way first!

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