Procrastination At Work Makes Launching Your Venture Prohibitive

Employment's Impact On Starting A Business

Guideline # 8: The Corporate Team Is Not Your Startup Team. So Limit Its Pull On Your Time!

corporate life Which brings us to teamwork.

Have you a great team at your workplace? Good for you! Use it to your advantage.

If your team members are performing to your satisfaction, you have more confidence in delegating tasks to them, freeing up considerable time for you to attend to your important duties, namely starting your own business.

Knowing that you have a team that you can rely upon will make you procrastinate less. Delegate tasks based on each team member's strengths and limitations, which means that you let others handle things that they can do as good as or better than you can. That is effective delegation.

In short, don't work overtime unless absolutely mandatory and never do it because you believe that only you are capable of correctly doing the work of others.

Delegation is one of the more effective ways to obtain results and keep you from giving away what is no one else's claim on you: your free time to work on your own venture.

The Team Works With Not For You, Even If You're Their Manager

Got some problems with your team? It's not the end of the world. The situation can be salvaged, but it's up to you to do damage control. Don't delay and don't give up on your team members.

It will take time to teach them leadership skills as you learn to lead yourself while starting your own business on your own time. Invest the time slowly now rather than later.

It takes an exceptional leader to get everyone to cooperate and share the same vision in a company. It's your job to make sure that the team produces for the overall good of the business.

But don't let a lack of collaboration at a business that is not yours get in the way of starting your own business.

Prioritize your employer's demands to align with yours. Make the right decision for your future and that of your loved ones.

An unhealthy team mired in hostility and aggression is the # 1 barrier to productivity, both inside and outside the business. Many managers have procrastinated in doing their jobs because the team is divided. Do not permit that to rob you of your potential for success.

Don't let time slip by waiting for someone else to fix a problem that you can resolve, whether you work either by confronting it head-on or by walking right out of that situation into something that better supports your long-term objectives.

Dwelling on a lack of support is the sure way to procrastination, since procrastination equals non-productivity. If you're busy putting out fires and mending hearts, you might be next in line before a firing squad.

So unless you're in the business of saving lives literally, then be wary of managers who say "it's urgent." You see this happening everyday in offices everywhere.

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