Procrastination At Home Affects Your Future Business

Uprooting Weeds From Childhood

Guideline # 6: Replace Time Killing With Business Startup Assignments. Then Execute The Assignments!

killing time Do you want your own business? Then time wasting is prohibited at home. There's no other way to cut it.

Solicit the cooperation of the entire family and ask them to come up with potential sources of time, energy and money wasters that you might be blind to.

Time especially is the one resource you cannot replenish. You cannot afford to waste it.

Here's a handful of "home-made" time wasters contextualized in terms of how they impact a small business startup:
  • Miscommunication with others that produces confusion on who is responsible for what

  • Misplaced objects that rob time when being searched for

  • Documents not filed in a fixed place risking loss of valuable information

  • Too many loose items strewn about causing distracting "visual noise"

  • Repetitive mistakes

  • Habitual indecision

  • Inefficient use of family vehicles wasting precious energy

  • Too much TV viewing wasting productive work time

  • Different meal times that break team spirit and collaboration

  • Non-adherence to curfew rules provoking insubordination conflicts

  • Friends who hang around indefinitely infringing upon timelines to pre-defined project objectives
Obviously you can't do all this improvement work alone. But you need the discipline, the freedom from distractions, the extra time and the savings to fund the small business.

It Takes a Team 10 Steps

It's time for a strategy. It's time to divide and conquer. You will need to designate tasks to others. But first you need to be persuasive.

  1. Plan a time with your family over a long weekend. Tell them in advance that you have something special to announce. Ready a special meal or two. Whip up a dessert that everyone adores. Get it from everyone's favorite store, if necessary.

  2. Aim for that sweet spot that you alone know about them and which will have them saying "You really want us to listen to you today, huh?" if you hit it just right.

  3. At the end of that meal, tell them that you want to make some improvements at home. Say that you've been procrastinating in doing some important work around the house but that you can overcome it with their support.

  4. Pull the list of potential sources of time, energy and money wasters that they helped you put together earlier. Speak of your goal to start a business and how far eliminating these wasters would advance the entire family.

  5. Emphasize what each member of the family would get from participating in this venture, based on what you know they want most from being part of the family.

  6. Bring up your divide and delegate plan. Ask them for suggestions. Get everyone's insight – from the oldest to the youngest. Don't undercut anybody. Don't let anybody undercut anybody else.

  7. Then get their commitment. Be precise. Your concrete, well laid-out plan is what will get you the results that you want, if you integrate their feedback into the list of assignments to be accomplished and you set objectives and deadlines that everyone understands.

  8. Make launching a small business together the goal of getting organized. Speak of the benefits to each individual and the importance of collaboration. Make it exciting! Then present a time line and say you want only a 2-week commitment before regrouping to see how everything is progressing.

  9. Divide the agreed upon labor and set up a chore chart. As the initiator of the plan, you must be the first to set the example. If you committed to re-organize the garage every other week, for example, or to balance the budget by the end of the week, then when everyone sees you're doing your part, they'll have no excuse for postponing to do theirs.

  10. Set up a progress chart in a place where everyone can cross out the tasks once they're completed. Check the chart once a week. Tell them how pleased you are with their progress or inquire how you can help them stay on schedule.

Keep It Moving. Time Won't Stop For You

If some members have been delinquent, ask them why. Don't scold. Give them another chance. The progress chart is an effective way for you to identify who the biggest procrastinators are, and you may be surprised to find yourself at the top.

So you need to keep yourself in check before supervising everyone else more closely. You're learning how to manage human resources.

Don't assign anyone a huge job the first time. That person may tend to procrastinate out of sheer anxiety. Consider breaking the job into small parts. Don't overwhelm your helpers.

By following the 3 guidelines that I've given you today, you will be well on your way to establishing a foundation for a budget, a time and a team, who will have a stake in the game of starting your own business. You will be prepared to build upon this foundation without the obstruction of procrastination.

Tomorrow we shall finally discuss how to exploit this foundation and raise the structure of a successful business venture by gaining momentum from the complete obliteration of one of the worst kinds of procrastination in your life.

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What Else Is Happening At Home That Is Keeping You From Business?

Home is always priority. But there is an appropriate place for business, and home should complement rather than interfere with it at the time business takes center stage.

What else do you experience at home that throws a monkey wrench into your business objectives?

How have you been able to overcome these interferences?

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