Procrastination At Home Affects Your Future Business

Uprooting Weeds From Childhood

Guideline # 4: Keep Life Simple To Make Objectives Clear. Get Organized!

simplicity This is common advice. It also goes by an old saying, "Cleanliness is next to godliness."

I doubt you know not what cleanliness is. But godliness implies harmonious, good and pure, as in pious. Not a bad thing.

Simplifying your life means a simpler, uncluttered way of living. It fosters harmony. So get rid of grit and gunk from your house. A house overflowing with stuff is high maintenance. It's a distraction.

We all know what happens when there is too much distraction. It prevents you from thinking and acting intelligently, hence you procrastinate.

Household distractions spill over into business, because you're left with less time to set clear objectives for what you'd like to accomplish as an entrepreneur. Get rid of them!

Go around your house and make a list of everything that you don't really need. For instance, do you really need 2 microwave ovens in the kitchen? One hasn't been working for months. You either dispose of it or have it fixed. Go around looking for what you can sell for scrap and set the money aside to start your business. Every penny counts.

Ask your relatives to inventory the clutter. Assign different people the garage and the basement. Have someone do the bedrooms. Stipulate that you need a list from everyone in 3 days, no later.

Explain to them why junk has to be eliminated from the house: you want an clutter-free future!

If you explain your intentions clearly, they will understand and would be more willing to cooperate to help you get focused and fund the venture even a little bit. Tell them that the house needs a much needed airing, and when all the junk disappears, so will the distractions.

Encourage them not to replace old junk with new junk. No new distractions to replace the old! It can be a vicious cycle. Just as we managed to clear the house of unwanted bric-a-brac, in come new ones.

Explain to your family that there was a specific reason for clearing junk. Old clutter should not be replaced with new clutter. Encourage them to think twice before acquiring additional material possessions.

Possessions may seem like an obvious sign of success, until you realize they possess you intead.
As soon as one spot is half-empty, and you can finally see the wall behind it, you won't be inspired to re-organize the whole place. So don't give up! Just get to it.

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