Why Do People Procrastinate?

The 3 Most Effective Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Guideline # 3: Get To What's Critical. Make Decisions Fast. Then Get What's Critical Done Fast!

critical condition To make decisions fast you need correct information. You need to get to what is critical by separating essentials from trivia in a hurry.

Because procrastination is the opposite of action, you must therefore learn the fine art of prioritizing to decide which tasks need immediate attention and which other must be done later or not at all.

So decide - once and for all - which should be assigned top priority, and then act. Compare one task to another. Pick the ones that will produce the most lasting effect. Do them first. Do first things first, second things never. Then keep going, building success upon success.

Write It Down!

Writing in black and white beats dreaming in Technicolor. When you read things on paper, you're able to act logically. It is much more effective than just thinking out the 101 ways to avoid procrastination.

Put down your tasks in black and white in front of you. Don't get colorfully creative and brainstorm with another person what ought to be done. Just focus on one task from execution to completion.

Once you've completed it, take it off your list. There you have accomplishment. No matter how small the accomplishment, it is accomplishment.

Accomplishment is a poisonous arrow through the heart of procrastination. Keep striking the bull's-eye and you won't have to worry about procrastinating much longer.

You move on to the next task, until you actually get used to the idea of doing, rather than procrastinating.

Brainstorming with a friend, on the other hand, might seem like a positive. But in this case it can be a form of procrastination. You'll say to yourself, "What she said makes sense." So you mull over it. Meanwhile, you leave tasks undone.

Don't muddle through things. Get to the essentials quickly. Get the essentials done one at a time in order of priority. The results will astound you!

Old habits die hard but they're not immortal. So you missed doing 3 tasks yesterday, big deal. Revise the list, and plan on doing them now. But don't miss this second time. Finish them on time. Don't dwell on what you failed to do. Focus on what you.are to do.

Start climbing the stairs again and get to the top without looking back. Aim for completing 4 tasks today – 3 from yesterday and 1 for today. Start with these 3 guidelines to sharpen your appetite for a more disciplined character.

Tomorrow we shall discuss how this little bit of personal discipline opens up the path to a more effective way of starting your own business.

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