Building Business Strength Upon Previous Personal Successes

by George
(Citrus Heights, California)

I've seen how if a person completes one task on the list, it can contribute to others.

----- Arturo's Reply to George -----

That's a very relevant observation, George. It is also cogent, because to build success you must build strength upon strength. No one builds a house on a weak foundation and expects it to last.
building momentum pool table
Building a business starts with taking your personal strengths and aligning them in such a way as to produce a stronger result with their combination than you had before. This is how you gain momentum. Eventually it won't take as much effort to produce lasting strength to move quickly ahead.

In physics this is known as the law of momentum conservation. It goes somewhat like this:

The total momentum that results from the collision of two objects in isolation will be equal to the total momentum of the two objects before the collision.

In other words, the momentum that object 1 loses is equal to the momentum that object 2 gains during their collision. This is how energy is conversed and not wasted. But what would happen if objects 1 and 2 do not collide as opposites but as one contributing to the other in full alignment?

The result is that the momentum of one object is added to the momentum of the other object. Not only do you not waste energy, but you actually fortify your system. This is the way to build a business: strength upon strength.

The guidelines in this e-course that you've taken are meant to help you discern how in developing one strength you can build upon it by harmoniously applying another one until you've managed to get yourself over the crest of any procrastination that may be keeping you inert and short of realizing your wish to start your own business.

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