The Best Job Search Engines Don't Guarantee You Nail The Job This Way

So Here's A Better Way

by Arturo F Munoz

The best job search engines are just like all other job search websites when it comes to results. Dismal.

If you want to milk them for all they've got, which isn't much, see my recommendation on job search websites.

Best job search engines But if you want to outperform the best job search engines, then read on, because one thing that not a single one of the best search engines is ready to show you is how to nail a job by acting like you're your own boss.

In my earlier recommendation I spoke of how you can develop a high impact contact network and concluded by saying that most of us shy away from networking because in truth we'd rather be found than go look for a job.

So the best of search engines have put a lot of money behind the psychology of helping us promulgate our so very precious resumes.

They know we'd rather let the resume sit in cyberspace waiting to be found than to take systematic action seeking effectively for a job. The result? Less than 10 jobs of every 100 filled come from the best job search engines.

But as I said, if you'd rather be found by a gig than you find that gig, then why not start your own business overnight instead?

Being found is a key objective of any business. Think of yourself as a business for a moment. Now, if you apply the following techniques to your job search, you will be doing the equivalent of marketing your own business.

This is worth testing, especially if you've tried all other routes and you've come up empty handed.

Why not go all out and be your own business? It will optimize your strengths. It will give you identity. It will keep you in the driver's seat. You will always be busy, employed in running your own operation.

You will never get this spiel from the best job search engines.

But then you got more than twice as many chances of being in a plane with a drunken pilot (1 in 117) than getting a job via one of the best job search engines. So renew the way that you think about your job search.

Target The Right Customers Just Like You Do The Right Companies That Might Employ You

Let's get our hands dirty. Start by making a list. It will consist of the top 10 decisive factors that you'd like to find in the kind of people that you'd prefer to work delivering a service or product to.

This is no different than what you do when you think of a company that you wish to work for. When looking for an employer, don't you think about what the company sells or its size or its geographic location, such as its distance from your home, its culture and its interest in its customers and employees, etc.?
Best job search engines in the world
We're doing the same here thinking of your future clients. But the job is easier, because you can think of them as people not organizations.

Who are these people that you'd like to work for? What do they need? Why are they of interest to you? What can you do for them? Why would you do it for them in the way that you envision? What do they stand to gain from dealing with you?

Put the answers to all these questions in your top 10 list of decisive factors, and let's move on.

Now let's think about you.

Based on an assessment of your best skills, which probably by now you've figured out by listing them time and again inside those forms in the best job search engines out there, go ahead and use your list of decisive factors to stay focused on who you're in a strong position to pursue and who you're not to pursue.

In other words, look at yourself and what you do best, and weed out the kind of people who you just can't be your best at helping.

Filter out the kinds that you'd like to help, but that you know you don't have a strong ability to serve well. Focus on those kinds who you know you definitely could help with the talents that you have.

Think of this smaller list of decisive factors as defining a job opportunity space that you've created for yourself based on who you want to serve and your own strengths as a worker.

Let's call this your work opportunity space, which is made up of the attributes defining the best types of people who you believe you can help also the best. It is a group of people who we will call your "target customer."

Investigate Your Target Customers Just Like You Do The Companies Most Likely To Hire You

It's time to research this group of people just like you'd research any market to identify and select a bloc of specific individuals who meet your decisive criteria.

Best job search engines on target You want to study this bloc of people in depth. Visit their blogs and associations. Check out where they congregate and what they do there. Listen to their spokespeople and anyone who publishes information about them on their behalf.

Don't get information only second-hand. Reach out to some of them at random and get some primary information directly yourself.

If you're choosing a bloc of people who are already in well defined groups, because may be they share behavior, ethnicity, age, income levels, likes and dislikes, etc., then look up information about them online or via your local county library.

Ask help from the reference desk. Don't skimp on research! This is the same step that you'd follow if you were researching target companies to work for.

Of course, avoid the best job search engines during this research step!

The Niche With The Itch

It's time to discover a niche in your target customers just like you'd select only a small cluster of potential employers to approach, if you were looking for a job.

Once you have enough knowledge about these people that you've researched, dig a little deeper to identify contacts who you know that may know them.

The best job search engines don't help one bit in this, but many other tools today do, such as blogs and social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Use them to find out what your contacts know about them? Do they know of other niche groups like them? Start a niche group of your own with this information.

The goal is to get information about the main source of discomfort even desperation that the people who you want to serve have. This way you can prepare to present how you can solve this problem and benefit them.

Here is where similarities between looking for a job and looking for customers end.

When you're looking for customer just as when you're looking for employers, you narrow down your field of options to a small niche of players that you can do business with. I've shown you how to do that above.
Best job search engines hit the spot
But when it comes to presenting yourself to people in that niche, you do it differently.

For your prospective customers, you speak of benefiting them by fulfilling a deep need that they've expressed and are willing to pay you for.

But for a prospective employer, you speak of adding value to the company's benefit proposition to its customers.

Now, if you learn to do it for your own customers, it will become second nature to do it for employers in helping them serve their own clients.

So the skill that you gain by starting your own business rather than running to the best job search engines are entirely transferable to a job search.

Today you must stand above the competition by learning to love what the company that you will work for does. Likewise the secret to starting you business is coming to love solving the needs of your customers and giving all you got to toward their benefit.

You Must Stand For Something, Believe In Something

If you don't love what a company does – their products, their goals, their principles – or if you don't love solving some client's discomfort with your products, your goals, your principles, then you won't enhance either a company's value proposition or have one of your own.

Don't put yourself in that position. You'll always be at risk of unemployment. You'll keep gravitating uselessly toward "the best job search engines." You will neither nail the job nor have customers. You'll be miserable.

Better than that, take the next step and produce a proposal, either a proposal for your customers or a job proposal for your target employer because, as you will see here it is through the proposal and not through the best job search engines that you nail the job.

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