Best Home Business To Start

...When You're Unemployed

by Arturo F Munoz

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The best home business to start (and this applies whether you're unemployed when you start one or not) is whichever business you can get off the ground without a loan. Listen to me for a minute. I'm dead serious.

I'm coming from the perspective that most people who want to start a business worry themselves sick because they don't have the money to start with. And yet they might not even know how to sell water in the middle of the Sahara. In other words, there are more important things to concern yourself about in starting a home business than funding.

Let's start with customers. Whether at home or elsewhere, your best business is always one with customers – real customers, willing customers. No customers, no business. Simple. So why are you worrying about funding issues before verifying whether you even got any interest from potential customers in doing business with you?

Do you realize that you're trying to start a home business? People with experience working in large companies have learned mainly how to run big businesses, and only narrowly specific functions within those big operations. This in no way qualifies somebody to run a home business. So don't follow the same trajectory that conventional big business and people experienced mainly with that line of work tell you about starting a business, if what you want is to start a home-based business.

What qualifies anyone to run a micro or home-based business is the ability to focus with laser-like precision on the desires of a very narrowly specific group of paying customers. You will need to be organized enough to line up any and all resources necessary to deliver on the fulfillment of these expressed desires. That's called breadth. But you seldom learn this in most large companies where division of labor forces people to specialize in narrow areas of operation.

You do learn in big business how to handle bureaucracy and its political outcroppings. None of it is of any value in starting a home business.

You need to change the way you think about business if you wish to engage in the creation of the best home business that you could possibly ever start. Don't start by thinking like bankers or corporate executives do, stuffing your head with protocols, policies and procedures. Instead begin by thinking like you do when you launch a yard sale, because running a home business is not much different than least at first.

The best home business to start will require of you to do more with less – to divest yourself of "big business think" – to be innovative, unlike big business. So what more can it require of you at first than to start without nearly any money?

The Best Home Business To Start Is Like Launching An Ambitious Yard Sale

I hope you've participated at least once in the creation of a weekend garage sale business. In so doing you've learned the first rule in starting a home business: never work alone. Business is a collaborative activity. Did you get your family, friends and neighbors to participate in setting up the yard sale with you? Good. You're going to need help in figuring out the best business to start and run. home business to start jars

Get some advisors lined up who may have experience as entrepreneurs and ask them to lend you some guidance and both to refer you and refer others to you to help your home business get traction and grow. Focus on the results that these referrals are meant to achieve for your customers.

As is the case with every yard sale worth visiting, there is far more to succeeding at such a weekend event than dragging all your used worthwhile junk from your garage and maybe some home-made cookies and jarred preserves, neatly line it all upon tables on your front yard and then sit to wait for people to arrive. What if you live in a street where there's no foot traffic? What if you're 2 blocks from the nearest thoroughfare? What if 3 houses down the street your neighbor is also having a yard sale?

Marketing is the heart of the best home business to start on. You need to learn how to brand yourself, how to make yourself appealing to the right audience, how to promote the benefits that they will gain from interacting with you. Without marketing you can't sell and without sales you can't have a business. Forget those yard sale signs and you might as well forget the yard sale!

Have you also noticed that you could often have only the yard sale signs up and not a thing on your yard yet, but people will start arriving with interest and money in their pockets, ready to buy? Here's another insight.

It is interesting, but you don't even need a product or service in order to test whether you have a marketing message that will resonate with a particular audience. This is why you don't need a lot of money at first to start a home business, because your first duty is to determine whether you even have a story to tell that anyone specifically would be chomping at the bit to continue hearing from you, and which would convince them to contract you to make a good thing become a reality for them.

When it comes to starting your own home business, venture out to test whether you even have a story to tell and if its appeal will be strong enough to stimulate the right reaction in those able to pay you for your part in making their lives better. After all, that's what you're doing when you attempt to stimulate a passersby to make a detour and follow your yard sale signs straight down to your drive-way.

A sale starts when a customer says 'yes' and to succeed in sales, as entrepreneur Jim Rohn once quipped, "simply talk to lots of people every day. And here's what's exciting - there are lots of people!" You don't need a lot of money for that, especially with the availability of the Internet and social networks. What you need is a bit of time and clear focus. Of course, if you want to save on time, then use money to pay others to gather the information for you.

But never skimp on focus. Your best home business to start will never succeed if you trade your focus for someone's funding. In fact, you're unlikely to get any funding unless your focus is razor sharp and your customer information precise and reliable. Just as cops never seem to be able to find the location of crack houses to clean up while crack heads know exactly where to go to get a high each and every time, no loan officer will find you to give you a loan to expand your business unless the risk of dealing with you is wholly eliminated. You eliminate this risk by demonstrating that you know your customer exceptionally well and that you've got sweat equity built right into your home business.

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