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SYOBO Tip Of The Week -- Baby Steps Are For Giants
September 04, 2010

Baby Steps Are For Giants

Look at us. We're testing our first Tip Of The Week.

We have spent 12 weeks and 1,000 hours building the foundation to this online business that we call "Starting Your Own Business Overnight" or SYOBO for short, and that you're now a part of.

And yet this first tip that we're now sending to you has taken less than 5 minutes to create and transmit. Why?

It is because we're now able to run, while only 3 months ago we couldn't even stand up.

We've Launched Our Own Business!

Back then we had no web site, no content, no products, no jobs. All we had was some family savings and several ideas about how tough this economy was being on everyone, and how very much we wanted to be our own bosses.

We were all fed up of giving our best to hirelings only to receive crud in return, especially once things got bad for their companies. It wasn't the way of The Muñoz to put up with that – not with a grandpa who had spent all his life as an entrepreneur in Costa Rica!

It was time to go back to basics...

So we thought that there were many out there like us – people like you, who are as fed up of Corporate exploitation as we were. And who might remember some ancestor who had been enterprising back in the days when running your own shop was literally a reality and not a common idiom as is today the case.

We weren't wrong!

But to find you we needed to take baby steps consistently for 12 weeks. We needed to put 1,000 hours of dedication to become competent at delivering value to you, because we needed to focus on your needs, your hunger and not ours first. We needed to become students in the most important subject of YOU! :-)

Learning The Walk – Fast!

A typical baby learns to walk by going from mommy's arms to daddy's arms. Why? Because, despite being perhaps a bit worried about falling (real worry comes only after stumbling baby smacks forehead on the floor!), all babies keep their attention on the pair of loving arms that wait for their arrival a few steps ahead of them.

This is how they grow confident until they can walk straight.

They then keep at it and more at it later on, clambering up walls and hanging on to table legs and chairs to strengthen their legs until they can stride forth and become giants years later in comparison to where they were as tumbling tiny tots.

And it's the same with business startups.

In our first tip of the week, what we can share with you is that you should look for those loving arms waiting for you and take your baby steps forward without caring about falling down.

Follow our example. Find those customers who will love you for what you're doing...for them! You won't regret it, especially once you look back 1,000 hours later and see the fruit of your labor – yours to keep entirely because you did the entire work load that you set yourself to complete for their benefit.

This is but one way that we can say that we're grateful for your support.

Have a wonderful week working toward starting your own business!

The Muñoz

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